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How Troubled Couples Can Avoid Getting Divorce

In a recent study, it’s been found that almost half of the marriages end in a divorce. No one can really divorce-proof a relationship, just like no one can really be cancer-free. There is always a small time bomb somewhere waiting to explode and bring chaos into each other’s lives, as every relationship needs a hard work.

Nothing that special can be given that easily and the reason why marriages fail is due to lack of the work invested. Because everything can now be done speedily and instantly, so does treating relationships! No matter the level of love and commitment we have, getting divorced will still leave a significant impact on our lives. Couples say that the love doesn’t exist anymore, yet they get heartbroken once they sign the papers.

People who married because of love would want to stay that way. But as we grow old, we realize that love is just another abstract word that people keep giving meaning and if it fades, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will end in divorce. Here are some collated data on how to keep marriages from ending in divorce courts.

Spend time alone

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It is important that we show genuine support to our partners but it is also important to know when to give them space. Having a personal space like shopping and golfing is an essential way to keep a relationship. We should give space and see them grow on their own and just take a back seat in their personal thriving. Couples who have respective hobbies will mature more compared to those who just spend 24/7 together.

Division of Labor

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One of the many things couples couldn’t help but fight are the house chores. Either one of them will feel that they’re doing more inside the house. Even if one is a stay-at-home partner, the other should still be given a housing assignment. In this way, they can feel that they are given equal responsibilities inside the house. And they better stick to these tasks so there will not be any unnecessary fights.

Respect each other’s ways

We always expect our partners to respond to things the way we respond. This is the reason why we set expectations for the other, thinking that our way is the right way. But having this kind of notion can harm a relationship. We should be more understanding that every person has its different strategy on how to handle things. When the other says “I don’t want to talk about it”, he/she definitely does not. Respecting each other’s space can save us a lot of heartaches in the future. It may not be easy at first, but couples will soon realize that it’s better to wave the white flag than the red one.


Keep the intimacy

Physical intimacy is not a want but a need in every relationship. Engaging in physical activities will tell a million words of affection compared to love letters (though they are both great). Men mostly complain that their wives are already giving up the intimacy card. This is where infidelity usually comes in. But this does not also mean that the other can emotionally blackmail their partners to perform such acts just to avoid separation. The point here is that getting physical is important but we shouldn’t feel coerced just to keep the other one from leaving us.

Learn how to save

Not having money is a big conflict couple’s face, especially when there are kids that need to be sent to school. We all need money to get through the day and not having one can lead to stress and irritation. It’s important that couples should be financially stable before saying “I do”. This means couples should think twice whether to have that princess-cut engagement ring and the lavish wedding. It may seem like it’s the most important thing but it really is not. These two occasions can help couples save a lot of money, and it can give us a good head start on the married life. The older we get, the more we realize that the expensive wedding dress and reception will not help keep relationships together. It’s the unlimited supply of listening, understanding, and compromising with each other.

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