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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Could Have Never Had Kids for This Shocking Reason

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Malibu 19 years ago, everyone saw them as a match made in heaven – and who wouldn’t? The groom was a successful and highly in-demand actor while the bride was a Hollywood sweetheart whose sitcom Friends made her look even more charming.

Plus, they’re both good-looking and they focus on the same craft, so there’s no wonder why they hit it off when they first started dating in 1998. But as much as they hoped that they were headed towards a happy ending, we all know how it went down: in 2005, they decided to split.

Although Brad and Jennifer maintained in a joint statement that their separation was not caused by anything people read in tabloids, aka the man falling for his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, the rumors rendered true when just shortly after, Brangelina came into the horizon.

But five years is not a short period, right? Now that the World War Z actor and the Maleficent star share six kids, you might be wondering why the former pair didn’t have children.

Jennifer Aniston Wanted Kids

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Jennifer Aniston was infuriated with news that the reason for their split was her refusal to start a family

So, Brangelina clearly has a big family, which means Brad wasn’t really against having children. But the blame shouldn’t be put on Jennifer either, who made it clear then and again that she wanted to start a family.

When rumors from the grapevine had it that the split was because the Just Go With It actress declined to have kids, she denounced this and explained that if it were a man who had chosen career over having a child, no one would bat an eye.

Jennifer further reiterated that she does want children and will have them whenever she wants to and feels ready for them. The 50-year-old also explained that she looks up to women who have kids and a career at the same time, but pointed out that she wouldn’t give up bearing a child for her career.

Brad Pitt Was Not Ready

Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock
According to a source, Brad Pitt didn’t find having kids a priority at the time

In fact, according to an unnamed mutual friend, Jennifer was open to the idea of having kids whereas Brad didn’t see it as a priority.

Before you judge him, remember that both of them were young and in love when they exchanged “I do’s,” which means they thought they had all the time in the world to settle down and start a family. They surely didn’t imagine they would divorce soon, so they obviously didn’t rush into things.

Angelina Jolie’s Role

But Brad’s perception changed when he met Angelina, who, at the time, just adopted Maddox from Cambodia.

However, the actress was sure she and his on-screen partner weren’t looking for a relationship because she was focused on her child and was just adjusting to the new milestone. But who can really stop love from working its magic?

Trina Stewart/Shutterstock
Angelina Jolie adopted Maddox, who is now enrolled at a university

That means dating Angelina would mean being responsible enough or just simply leave her life. So Brad, who must be so in love with her, stepped up and became part of the process. Being a father to Maddox, the 55-year-old must have loved the role so much so that they went on to have five more kids.

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