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Body Language Experts Reveal the Truth About Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s Relationship

It’s extremely exciting and rewarding to see your favorite couple in a particular show or series end up together at last, but not as exciting as seeing them fall in love in real life as well.

As millions of Game of Thrones fans anticipate (or dread) the last episode of the epic fantasy show, we cannot forget how Kit Harington fell in love with his co-star Rose Leslie and eventually married her — too bad, their onscreen chemistry on the show was short-lived!

While their characters Jon Snow and Ygritte shared many romantic scenes in the Icelandic caves, who would’ve thought that they were actually in love with each other instead of pretending to be? The actors developed feelings for each other even though their love story on the show had a sad and abrupt ending.

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Harington revealed the love scenes they had in Iceland made it easier for him to take since his feelings for Leslie was genuine and real.

But it took a couple of years for Kit and Rose to open up about their relationship in public. In 2016, the two were spotted together, sparking romance rumors in the media, and just a year later, they announced their engagement. In Summer 2018, the couple finally exchanged vows and started a new life as husband and wife.

Ever since then, fans are wondering how their marriage remained intact despite their hectic schedules, especially since they aren’t filming together anymore. For those who are curious, relationship experts have read the couple’s body language and deduced that Harington and Leslie are madly in love with each other.  

The Look of Love

The renowned relationship expert, Jane Greer, Ph.D., said the couple looks at each other as if they’re the only person that matters in the world. An example of this body language was their first public appearance as a couple in 2016.

lev radin/Shutterstock
Kit and Rose gaze at each other full of love, adoration, and admiration.

Even if fans and photographers surrounded Harington and Leslie, their gaze stayed focused at one another. Aside from their eyes, Greer noticed how their bodies were turned toward each other as if they’re touching. Most of all, the genuine smiles plastered on their faces mirrored each other.

A Solid Connection

Another body language Greer noticed was that Kit and Rose tend to pose as if their heads are bumping with each other. According to Greer, their touching heads show Kit and Rose have mutual goals and priorities in life. Furthermore, they’re supportive of each other, and they treat themselves as equals.  

Their Gestures Are In-Sync

Greer claimed Kit and Rose’s wedding was one of the most beautiful unions she’d ever seen. The renowned relationship expert says their marriage displayed an image of bliss.

Greer noticed how Kit and Rose's gestures were in sync while greeting their guests on their wedding.

Greer noticed how Kit and Rose’s gestures were in sync while greeting their guests on their wedding.

She pointed out how the couple’s bodies were in total harmony, with their hands and arms in sync while waving to their guests. Aside from that, Kit and Rose’s face showed how lucky and proud they were to have each other. Greer said you should exactly feel the same way on your wedding day.

Kit’s Protectiveness Over Rose

Greer also emphasized how Kit is protective of Rose in their one pose where the actor’s feet were one step higher during one of their red carpet moment. She said this body language showed Kit’s protectiveness to his woman, while Rose nestled close to him. It also showed how Rose trusted him, and she’s okay with his protectiveness.

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