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Behavior That Could Predict a Divorce

When you’re single, it is easy for you to spot the troubles in other people’s relationships and marriages. However, when you’re actually in one, it is not as simple. When you’re in love, you can be blind to something that’s going on right in front of your nose, or you could make excuses for your loved one’s faults. When it comes to the little problems, it’s not that disastrous, but over time, those little problems will start multiplying and become unavoidable issues. If there are too many problems for the couple to solve, separation, unfortunately, is the only solution they see.

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“A divorce is like an amputation: You survive it, but there’s less of you.”     

Margaret Atwood

There are a lot of factors that contribute to couples getting separated or divorced, so it’s impossible to predict exactly what takes for a couple to call it quits, but there are some behaviors that will surely contribute to it.

Starting an argument and placing all the blame on the other person


In a relationship, problems and arguments are unavoidable. However, most of the time, it is not the fault of only one person. Therefore, when a problem arises, both of you are supposed to look for a way to solve it calmly because your goal should be to stop the fight and move forward. However, if you constantly accuse each other about everything that’s going wrong in the marriage, compromise will become impossible to achieve, and the relationship will crumble.

You see criticism as an attack

People who have problems with their self-esteem see a need to defend themselves from every criticism. It’s a defense mechanism that stops them from even listening to the criticism—even if it was meant to be constructive—and they immediately start shouting insults back at their partner. A person who sees criticism as an attack will often put up a wall wanting to protect themselves. However, by doing so, they are only isolating their partner from them.


Avoiding arguments

People do this because they’re scared they will lose the person they love. But no matter how much you love somebody, nobody is perfect, and they will do things that you won’t like. Some will be insignificant, but others will deeply bother you, or even hurt you. However, you will still be too scared to confront them about it, because you believe they will get mad, that they won’t understand you or take it the wrong way, or even leave you because of it. Just because you haven’t said what’s bothering you out loud does not mean it’s not eating you up inside.

When you finally reach your breaking point, which is unavoidable, you’ll either start being angry about things that they don’t understand, have harsh reactions about everything, or start being mentally absent whenever you’re together. This will only make your partner think they’re losing you due to lack of communication.

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You insist on sharing everything

What’s important to understand is that you are two different human beings who had completely different lives before you met. Therefore, you have different interests, habits, and tastes. But the differences are what make the relationship interesting and lead to better conversations. When you have these conversations, you learn more from your partner every day and spark the flame of love and passion you have for each other. You should have things you do together, but not the same lives. You don’t have to share friends, and you can occasionally go out without one another. This will only give you more topics to talk about, and you will never be bored.

You are incredibly jealous

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Some people see their loved one as their property and are scared that any person of the opposite gender is trying to steal them away. This makes them jealous and overly protective. Jealousy leads to breakups because when a feeling of ownership arises, a lack of trust soon follows and the person can’t go out alone without their partner constantly calling them to make sure where they are, who they are with, and what they’re doing.

A small amount of jealousy is normal. Nobody wants to lose somebody they love. However, when jealousy turns into an obsession, the relationship becomes toxic, and the best thing to do is leave.

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