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Amanda Bynes Reunites With Paul Michael And Hints That She Might Be Pregnant With His Child!

Amanda Bynes, the star of “She’s The Man,” made the announcement about her engagement on Valentine’s Day by posting a photo of the big rock on Instagram, with the caption ‘To the love of my life.” However, just a month later, the engagement was called off. As breakup rumors started flying around, Bynes surprised everyone once again when she posted a photo with her ex-fiancé. Not only that, but she also hinted at a possible pregnancy!

Who’s The Mystery Guy?

After the surprising news that she gave about her engagement, Bynes posted a picture of her and her fiancé. At the time, everyone was curious about his identity. There is very little information about him available on the internet, but his name is Paul Michael, and he is a guy in his twenties. His father is a doctor in Los Angeles, while he himself is from San Fernando Valley. Apparently, Michael and Bynes met somewhere around the end of 2019, and they started seeing each other after meeting at Anonymous Alcoholics meetings.

Broken Off Engagement

Bynes’s conservatorship immediately caused problems in her wish to marry, though, since her mom is the one responsible for her decision-making, including if the “All That” alum can or cannot marry. Simply put, her parents can appeal to annul her marriage on the basis of her unstable mind if they haven’t given their consent. By March, they didn’t have to because Michael announced that he and Bynes had already split up, just three weeks after making their engagement public.

A Love Rekindled

Yet, all the bad news didn’t last for long. Bynes seems to have reunited with Michael in the same month that he announced their breakup since she posted a selfie of them together on Instagram. By May, “The Easy” A star shared that she and Michael are continuing their engagement. Bynes also disclosed on her Social Media that she went under treatment for two months and that she’s currently taking online classes to get her bachelor’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Baby or No Baby?

Now, here’s the biggest scoop of all when it comes to Amanda Bynes’ recent life experiences. On March 17, she and Michael hinted at an ongoing pregnancy on their Social Media accounts. Michael did so by sharing “Baby in the making” on Instagram. Meanwhile, Bynes captioned a sonogram picture with “Baby on board.” However, later in May, Bynes’ lawyer, David Esquibias, confirmed that the former Nickelodeon star isn’t pregnant after all!

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