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Adele and Simon Konecki are Divorcing! Here’s How Much It Could Cost Her

Last Friday, Adele shocked the world when her representatives revealed that the renowned singer and her husband have decided to separate after eight years of being together. 

While no one knows the reason behind their controversial split that has made headlines on the internet, fans are hoping that the divorce might compel the songstress to return to the music industry.

But the more immediate concern for fans is the finalization of divorce between the estranged couple and how it could impact Adele multi-million dollar estate. Let’s uncover the truth behind the singer’s controversial split with long-time lover.

The Culprit

Most of Adele’s fans admire the singer not only for her angelic voice and soul-soothing music but also because of her seemingly perfect love story that can make anyone believe that fairytale endings do exist in real life. But alas, her relationship eventually saw the same unfortunate fate as most other Hollywood couple.

Adele and Simon Konecki seemed like a solid couple for the longest time, especially since the two had been in a relationship for eight years and married for three, leading everyone to believe that their love story would get a happy ending.

The reason behind Adele and Simon's breakup resembles

The reason behind Adele and Simon’s breakup was quite similar to Lady Gaga’s split

However, fans were shocked when Adele’s representatives announced that she and her husband are ending their three-year marriage. The reason? It seems the Grammy Award winner’s schedule became too hectic to the point the couple was no longer spending time with each other which slowly drew a rift between them, eventually putting a strain on their relationship.  

The Confession

While she and Simon had a strong connection in the early stages of their relationship, they grew apart with time and fell out of love with each other. While Simon remained supportive of Adele as became big in the industry, her intense schedule and international tours caused them to grow apart to the point where they hardly communicated with each other.

The couple got married sometime in 2016.

The couple got married sometime in 2016

In the months leading to their unfortunate split, Adele and Simon barely saw each other or spent some quality time together.

The singer even confided in her close friends that she no longer loved her husband and didn’t see the reason to drag this unhappy marriage any further.

While the marriage helped rekindle their romance, the magic only lasted briefly, before the reality of stardom and conflict in priorities began to set in. That’s when both parties mutually decided to end their relationship to save themselves from more misery.

The Mutual Decision

Despite their breakup, Adele and Simon assured their fans they’re still on good terms with each other. The former couple didn’t have any ill-feelings towards each other, and they don’t blame anyone for what happened.

Rather than focusing on their breakup, Adele and Simon want to prioritize their parenting duties and focus on being good role models to their son.

Adele and Simon promise to take care of their son, Angelo to make it easier for him to overcome the pain and trauma he'll face following their breakup.

Adele and Simon promise to take care of their son, Angelo even after the devastating breakup

The couple also asked their fans to give them privacy as they go through this extremely emotional time in their lives. Adele says they’re willing to spend a staggering $180 million to make their divorce as quiet and amicable as possible.

The renowned singer says they’re asking for privacy not because they cannot deal with divorce, but because they want their son to heal and recover quickly from this painful process.

The Support

Instead, Adele and Simon want to protect their son and make it less painful for him as they go through with the separation. They reveal they’ll be with him to attend not only to his needs but also to provide emotional and mental support to their son.

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