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6 Best Movies Of 2017 You Have To Watch Before The Year Ends

Every late December, blogs and social media accounts of movie fanatics release official lists of the anticipated movies for the upcoming year. They make this list according to the date of release in the U.S. and it will usually get many likes and retweets, igniting a fire to save money for movie tickets.

Movies like Ocean’s 8 and Avenger’s Infinity War are two of the most highly anticipated movies with both movies boasting star-studded casting and an expensive production. But before jumping on the next year’s list, let us first look back at the movies that made our heart feel all sorts of emotion this 2017. These movies are not necessarily award-winning, but they don’t lack the feels!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The character of Snoke remains to be a great question to the fans

Star Wars is now the oldest movie franchise that still continues to give moviegoers a reason to geek around. The movie received a mixed reaction from fans and non-fans. They got a lot of critics about the plot of the movie and most of them are frustrated because of all the unanswered questions. But there are those avid fans also who loved this new addition to the saga. It was a combination of wit and not giving a care if people will like it or not. It was political, raw, and relatable, just like the first trilogy that was released decades ago. Star Wars is definitely the perfect year-ender movie we could all ask for.


There are many reasons why this movie made the cut. First, great casting, second, great cinematography. And third, mind-blowing plot twist. This will contain spoilers so read at own risk. The story revolves around a group of scientists who are sent to outer space to retrieve data if there’s life on Mars. They discovered a tiny organism that was on Mars’s soil and they start to culture it. Later do they found out that the life they discovered became the death of Mars. People can’t still forgive how this movie ended and some even beg for a part 2.


It is unlike the rest of Marvel movies. Logan was surprisingly calm with little to no catch-phrases at all. Hugh Jackman is consistently great throughout the entire franchise. It creatively yet painfully shows the future of the mutants and what has become of the great Professor X. Bad men still exists, trying to benefit from the uniqueness of the child who sees themselves as an outsider. It’s a perfect way to conclude the X-Men franchise.

Victoria and Abdul

Queen Victoria is the second longest monarch of England

The human raise will never stop idolizing the rich and the powerful. Victoria and Abdul is a story of friendship that bloomed from two different people, Queen Victoria and a commoner named Abdul. The movie is mostly inspired by true life events, but no one could prove to which extent. Queen Victoria was fond of Abdul, an Indian servant who came into the palace to deliver a special token. The two formed a close-friendship that made the Queen promote Abdul to household positions. The movie is rich in history but never compromised on good humor.

Beauty and the Beast

Though the film is mostly filmed in the studio, it was still powerful enough to bring memories and emotions to the generation who grew up watching the cartoon version. The music was all very well written and arranged. The cast were all convincing, especially Gaston. The production, wardrobe, and casting were all flawless. Breaking gender norms is also one of the reasons why this movie made it to our list. It’s the first Disney live-action movie that showcases a gay character. Conservative countries banned the movie for such explicit message but that did not stop Disney from sticking to the script.


Jane Goodall is one of her encounters in the wild

Jane is one of the best documentary films that graced the movie screens. It shows what it’s like to be living in the life of the primatologist, Jane Goodall. She’s seen as a woman who tirelessly spends most of her hours behind branches, observing the life of the wild chimpanzees. The documentary cleverly builds up from confusion to evidence-based finding of Jane that relates to her own life and the world’s population as a whole.

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