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5 Effective Ways to Show Your Partner They Matter & You Appreciate Them

Marriage is one of the most sacred relationships that people can ever have. As strong as the bond is, it is equally fragile. That is why it is of utmost importance to consistently nourish the relationship with tiny little acts of kindness. John Venn, the author of the bestselling book How to Avoid Falling in Love With a Jerk and popular therapist, believes that it is not the “big things” like fancy vacations and wondrous cars that keep up the relationship.

“It is, rather, those tiny little things, that you do for your significant other, matter,” he argues. He goes on to say: “We have made it complicated. It doesn’t take costly things to keep your spouse appreciated. If we remain conscious 24/7 and pay closer attention to every single tiny act, things will make sense to both parties.

To all the spouses and couples out there: Do not look for fancy luxuries. Rather, make your partner feel that they are being heard. Ans that they matter. All this is possible through a consistent presence of mind and unconditional love. That is all. No complications.”

Gary / Pexels / Every single moment that you spend with your significant other dictates the future of your marriage.

From leaving love notes in the house to doing the dishes periodically, you can leave your partner with the feeling that they are heard and you appreciate them. Not only because you are in a marital contract, but for love’s sake. If you are looking to make your spouse feel appreciated, here are some effective ways to do so. Keep in mind that these are always little things that add up. Always.

  • A Unique Nickname

It is not unheard of that everyone loves the feeling that they are being heard – not to mention that they are appreciated for who they are. One of the effective ways to make your partner feel that is possible is through unique nicknames. Call your significant other not by the first name but by a unique nickname. Attributing to the features that your partner possesses, assign them a name.

Anastasiya / Pexels / Couples who call each other by unique nicknames are most likely to sustain a long-term marriage. Reveals a study.

Babe, bau, love bird, nightingale, and honey are some of the most common nicknames that you can use. Remember, it is not the term that matters. Rather, it is ‘You’ calling your partner by that name that matters. So, find a unique nickname for your significant and call her or him by that name. You will notice the impact that it has on your overall relationship.

  • Know the Preferences of Your Partner and Utilize Them

Ketut / Pexels / Spouses who do not take care of their preferences are most likely to part ways down the road.

Another effective way of making your partner appreciated is by reckoning his or her likes and dislikes. Gifts, expressions, words, and touches that your partner likes are the hints you can use for good. Understand those preferences of your partner and do them so that they feel that they are appreciated.

Some spouses prefer surprises, for example. Others may be more inclined towards discussions and chit-chats. Based on the preference, you can opt for an option and leave your partner with a good impression.

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