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World’s Most Relaxing Destinations Which You Must Visit

Daily stress can take a toll on your mind and body, and we’re all dreaming of our next relaxing vacation now more than ever. A relaxing vacation can not only rejuvenate your body but also clear your mind, leaving you completely refreshed when it’s time to return to the real world.

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll find a place dedicated to your personal peace. Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to lounging on a beach, though there are plenty of relaxing beaches to visit, from Bali to Hawaii and back. Relaxation can take many forms—from breathtaking waterfalls in Costa Rica and magnificent fjords in Norway to charming villages in France.

Take a look at some of these beautiful locations, and consider it a virtual getaway until you can plan your next relaxing vacation.

The Maldives

Maldives/ Big stock | The whole point of a vacation is to disconnect from everyday life and cut loose

There’s a reason the World Spa Awards named the Maldives the best spa destination on the planet: when it comes to pampering yourself, this dreamy country takes the cake. The Maldives, made up of coral atolls in the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean, is home to hundreds of tropical islands, each more spectacular than the last.

Kuramathi Maldives is a luxury resort with a spa that offers treatments based on traditional Asian therapies, as well as pristine beaches and a diving center for the ultimate in relaxation.

Meanwhile, on North Malé Atoll, the lavish Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives offers luxurious bungalow accommodation in a stunning island destination, complemented by exquisite cuisine and a tranquil spa.

Ise Jingu, Japan

Pixabay/ Edition | Dubbed “the soul of Japan,” Ise Jingu boasts a collection of Shinto shrines

Ise Jingu, also known as “the soul of Japan,” is home to several Shinto shrines dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. Despite its enormous popularity, the shrine complex’s vast size ensures that it remains a peaceful and relaxing place.

Soft sunlight streams through a grove of cedar trees next to a clear running stream while Shinto priests dressed in traditional garb perform ceremonies in temples that are rebuilt every 20 years. Even the most stressed visitor will feel calmer and more centered after a leisurely stroll here.

Ubud, Bali

Ubud became famous after author Elizabeth Gilbert chose to end her Eat, Pray, Love journey there. It was an excellent choice because it is truly one of the most peaceful places on the planet. Outdoor adventures, enlightenment, and total relaxation are all available. It’s a great place to get a traditional Balinese massage and soak in the atmosphere of one of Asia’s top spa destinations. And, as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine; head to the nearby Monkey Forest Park to laugh along with the mischievous long-tailed macaques.

Prince Edward Island

AdobeStock/ Edition | Taking a break and exploring something new can give us the boost we need to keep going

Prince Edward Island, a quiet Eastern Canadian island near Maine, is the ideal summer getaway for those seeking peace and quiet. This peaceful island getaway is perfect for quiet walks along the beach or in nature, rainy mornings in a cozy cabin, or just some time to unplug from the chaos and frantic pace of normal life. It is known for its windswept and red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and delicious seafood. Prince Edward Island and nearby Nova Scotia are also excellent destinations for a summer road trip!

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