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The Reason Why Amazon’s $1 billion Script for J.R.R Tolkien TV Series is Heavily Guarded

If a clairvoyant ever told J.R.R Tolkien that the manuscripts he was writing would fetch him $1 billion, he would have called him crazy, but that’s the amount it cost Amazon to acquire the scripts for Lord Of The Rings for the franchise’s upcoming adaptation into a television series.

But, the script is kept in a heavily guarded, windowless room that requires fingerprint access for entry. Writers in this secret room are working day and night to produce a thrilling storyline that revolves around the life of Aragon, who was played by the actor Viggo Mortensen. The online giant plans to keep the storyline a mystery until it is ready to launch its series on its streaming platform.

Amazon hired some of the best writers in the world to create exciting scripts adapted from the best-selling novel. These writers work in a windowless room guarded by security to prevent any information from leaking to the press. Tolkien’s mammoth catalog of amazing appendices and stories will give the writers extensive material to draw inspiration from, for its new series.

The TV show has humbled Netflix’s The Crown in terms of the money spent on production. HarperCollins, New Line Cinema and The Tolkien estate gave permission for five seasons in a $250 million copyright deal and the season will run for two years. To make this deal worth the investment, Amazon is doing everything it can to maintain secrecy around the plot.

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