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After a String of Heartbreaks Princess Beatrice May Have Finally Found True Love!

When we talk about the royal family, the first names that come to mind are those of the two most famous royal couples of the century — Prince William and Duchess Kate, and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle. While most of the royal fans follow them to get the latest scoop on all the happenings in the British monarchy, it was Princess Eugenie’s marriage to her longtime lover, Jack Brooksbank, that made fans wonder about her older sister, Princess Beatrice. How is life (love life, to be specific) for the Princess of York? Find out Princess Beatrice’s heart-warming journey in finding true love and all the obstacles she faced along the way.

A Budding Relationship

According to sources, the Princess of York fell in love with the 34-year old billionaire tycoon, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. The two reunited in September 2018 and have been spotted on several dates ever since. Princess Beatrice confirmed their relationship when they attended a gala hosted by a tech-giant company named Afiniti this year. The royal watchers spotted the rumored couple appearing together with Beatrice’s hand wrapped around Mozzi’s arm.

The Princess' inner circle even anticipated another royal wedding would come soon considering how things have gotten quite serious between Beatrice and Mozzi.

The Princess’ inner circle anticipates another royal wedding soon considering how serious Beatrice and Mozzi are about their relationship

According to insiders, the couple was already in a relationship for about six months now, and their love for each other keep getting stronger. Moreover, the Royal Princess’ friends said they’d spent the holidays together, and she already introduced her boyfriend to her dad and Fergie. With how quickly things are going between them, it’s only a matter of time before another engagement and eventually, a wedding takes place in the royal family.

Her Past Relationships

While the public was happy seeing the royal Princess finally happy and in love, they couldn’t help but noticed how this fast-paced whirlwind romance was a sharp contrast from Beatrice’s previous affairs. Aside from his brief puppy-love romance with Paolo Liuzzo, Beatrice had been in a relationship with Dave Clark, former Uber executive, for ten years. Everyone thought back then the both of them would end up as a royal couple, but they broke up sometime in 2016.

Their sudden breakup shocked the world as Clark already established a close-knit connection to the royal family that made everyone rooting for their happy ending.

The Princess’ sudden breakup with Dave Clark of Uber came as a huge shock to royal fans

Before meeting Mozzi, Beatrice revealed how challenging it was to navigate the dating scene for the first time in her life after the breakup. However, she admits she never regretted the breakup because it only brought her closer to her family and friends, and allowed her to work on herself and learn from her experiences. From then on, she was paired with various men as dating rumors circulated, but Princess Beatrice says none of them piqued her interest until she met Mozzi.

The Whirlwind Romance

The couple was recently spotted the couple strolling on a beach in Kenya in January 2019 as they attended a philanthropy event.

The couple was recently spotted strolling on a beach in Kenya in January 2019 as they attended a philanthropy event

While Beatrice and Mozzi already met each other at Christopher Shale’s funeral back in 2011, it’s only recently that they started to get to know each other better, and the two hit it off instantly. While the public is still anticipating to hear the juicy details about their relationship, they respect their privacy, especially since their relationship hasn’t quite matured yet. Either way, the royal fans are ecstatic to see Princess Beatrice happy, and they hope this time she’ll finally get her well-deserved happy ending.

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