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A Sneak Peek Inside Royal Family’s Unique Birthday Celebrations and Traditions

Birthdays are the single most celebrated event in the world, and it’s that one day many of us look forward to every year, although for some, it serves as a dreadful reminder that they’re one year older than they were on their last birthday.

Nevertheless, it’s a good enough reason to celebrate with loved ones and feast on some delicious cake. But while eating desserts and opening presents is part of the normal tradition in most people’s lives, you’ve got to wonder how a family as insanely rich as the British royals celebrates this special day. 

Will it be filled with royal processions, and festivities on the streets like we’ve read in fairytale books? Let us uncover the astonishing traditions the Royal Family follows when it comes to celebrating their birthdays.

Mostly No Public Appearances

Most royals usually take the day off on their birthdays and opt to celebrate their special day privately.

Most royals usually take the day off on their birthdays and opt to celebrate their special day privately

Contrary to popular belief, most royals prefer to celebrate their birthdays in privacy. They choose to spend their special day with their loved ones instead of engaging in public. According to sources, they take a day off on their birthdays to make sure they’re not bothered by nosy paparazzi.

The Exception

Despite this tradition, a few royals have broken the rule by choosing to attend to their duties even on their birthday. One notable example is Meghan Markle, who spent her 37th birthday last August attending Charlie van Straubenzee’s wedding as a special guest.

She certainly couldn’t miss the wedding since Charlie is one of Prince Harry’s childhood friends. The same year, Prince William also celebrated his birthday by attending the Defence and National Rehabilitation Center’s opening ceremony in Northampton.

A Special Custom-made Cake Order

The 2016 champion for the Great British Bake Off contest, Nadiya Hussain received a one-of-a-kind call from the Royal Office asking if she could bake a birthday cake for the Queen. Hussain revealed she was too stunned and shocked at that time.

Queen Elizabeth hired Nadiya Hussain to make a cake for her 90th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth hired Nadiya Hussain to make a cake for her 90th birthday

Her initial reaction was to reject the offer in fear of embarrassing the Highest Monarch should her cake ended up horrible. However, she quickly realized she couldn’t possibly say no to the Queen.

She ended up taking the one-of-a-kind opportunity. Hussain said it was the best moment of her life and she’s honored to have had the privilege to bake for the Queen and her royal friends.

Milestone Birthdays Call For Extravagant Celebrations

While most royals prefer to celebrate their birthday privately, they also hold extravagant celebrations to commemorate essential milestones in their lives. For example, Prince Charles had an early birthday celebration last year with an astounding 300-guest gala to recognize his avid support for British Arts.

Twice the Fun

Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday every April and June of the year as per royal tradition.

Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday twice a year, once in April and again in June as per royal tradition

Another unique tradition the British Royal Family has is that the ruling monarch gets to celebrate their birthdays twice a year.

The tradition started from King George II in 1748 when he moved his public birthday celebration from November to June since he wanted to enjoy slightly better weather.

Since then, the highest monarch has to hold two birthday celebrations every year. One a private affair for their real birthdate, and a public celebration every June.

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