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Sienna Miller Gushes over Motherhood, Reveals This Common Fear She Feels as a Parent

Being a mother is not like any job in the world – it’s far from being a piece of cake, there is no days off or an agency to report to for such a heinous violation of a contract, and there simply is no chance that you can resign out of it.

While that may be the case, it is also not like any other work because motherhood rewards you in immeasurable ways and gives you the genuine feeling of happiness that you could never get from anywhere. It requires work, sacrifice, and tons of love to raise a child and actress Sienna Miller certainly knows that.

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Sienna Miller shares a 6-year-old daughter with ex Tom Sturridge

Career and Family

At 37, Sienna has found a way to be a doting mother and a talented actress at the same time, which requires a lot of work because it’s quite hard to juggle career and family altogether.

She has a 6-year-old daughter Marlowe Ottoline, whom the actress said greatly challenges her, with ex Tom Sturridge. The 37-year-old star referred to her child as a mirror, explaining that as a parent, you see yourself somehow in your bundle of joy in many ways.

Sienna further narrated how her kid is stubborn just like her and how she sees many other things that are reflective of herself on Marlowe. But despite this, her daughter is her own self, too.

The thespian referred to her relationship with her child as the most “loving, intense” she has ever had. Like most moms, the Burnt actress admitted she wants to cherish and preserve the moments with her daughter.

There’s also the persistent feeling that something will go wrong in raising your bundle of joy, a common fear among parents.

American Woman

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Sienna Miller played Debra in American Woman

This connection she has is also useful as well in some of her roles, including the critically acclaimed Jake Scott-helmed drama film American Woman.

The picture tells the story of Debra (Sienna), a 32-year-old grandmother, who was left to raise her daughter Bridget’s (Sky Ferreira) son after her disappearance.

The deeply effective and layered film highlighted brave women’s battles without sugar coating the details and showing how they can endure the messy moments triumphantly. Although the story didn’t exactly shadow her life story, it easily resonated on her as a parent.

Sienna explained in an interview that it wasn’t hard internalizing because she is a mother. While the storyline is one of the worst fears of parents, it was also another way of looking at other people’s victory against life’s challenges.

The film didn’t just successfully show the grit of the characters, but it also became a platform where the lead star can exhibit her talents even more.

Future Projects

Funny enough, celeb couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s children freaked out when they were told that their mom and dad are famous

As to what kind of films she will be doing next, Sienna wishes to have more child-friendly projects so that her daughter can watch it with her.

Unlike Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s kids who have no idea that their parents are super famous, the Foxcatcher star’s bundle of joy knows her mom is an actress.

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