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KimYe Divorce Rumors Resurface Yet Again

Sources report that there is a possibility that Kanye and Kim’s marriage could be coming to an end sooner than expected. Coming shortly after Kanye’s repeated outbursts on different social media platforms, Kim has reportedly stated that she is beginning to feel unsafe and getting fed up with his actions.

As everyone already knows, Kanye West has recently been getting criticized for his highly controversial comments and also his recent rants on Twitter.

Kim is not happy with all of Kanye’s “drama”

When the opportunity presents itself, Kanye does not mince words when expressing himself about certain topics. It will be recalled that a couple of months ago, he made a comment about slavery during an interview. He specifically made an express statement about slavery being a choice. A lot of people were quick to react to his controversial comments online.

Also, media outlets report that he also exchanged words with Drake on social media and things escalated rapidly.  Sources that are close to the family stated that Kanye keeps making Kim, as well as her family recipients of nasty comments and Kim in particular, keeps getting threatened and harassed by different people.

Kim Defends Husband

Just as expected, Kim has made it a duty to defend her husband on different occasions when the rapper was either wrongly accused or attacked in both online and print media.

In a recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, Kim spoke about the backlash her husband got for his comment on TMZ about slavery and went ahead to defend him. According to her, when she first saw the video clip, she rushed home and was crying hysterically. She said when she got home that day, she met Kanye and he was totally fine. Kim added that whenever Kanye becomes ramped up, it becomes difficult for him to control the things he says. She further said he likes to get ramped up and letting go of that is difficult for him. Kim also expressed her frustration as to the media’s stance on making a huge deal out of everything he does.

Kim stated that whenever Kanye becomes ramped up, it becomes difficult for him to control the things he says

Kim’s Conflicting Situation

Recently, Kim took to her Twitter account to call out the rapper, Drake, regarding his comments at her husband as a result of the Twitter feud currently going on between the musical stars. While Kim keeps putting efforts into supporting her husband, a lot of people are of the opinion that it would soon reach its limit as there is a cap on what anyone can take from someone who is bringing up so many controversies in their daily lives.

The mother of 3 continues to defend her husband even in situations when she isn’t in full agreement with his opinion and stance on some of the issues. Several people are also getting worried that there is a tendency for Kanye’s comments to cause bigger problems for himself, which could also extend to his family.

Kim keeps defending her husband even in situations when she isn’t in full agreement with his opinion and stance

On her part, Kim is reported to have worries about Kanye’s comments potentially opening up her children to harm should someone ever try to take out revenge on her husband for his several controversial statements.

Worries about Kanye’s Repeated Outbursts

Inside sources have revealed that the reality TV star has spoken several times to her husband about his controversial comments and feels he deliberately tries to get other people angry. At the moment, they are yet to say anything about a divorce. Kanye’s constant outbursts has continued to bother a lot of people as he is known to make use of any available media to make his point known.

There is a high possibility that Kim would continue to defend her husband, but fans continue to wonder if she would eventually become tired of his actions and move to get a divorce. However, the couple remains together and fingers remain crossed as to how Kim would react should Kanye get into other Twitter wars again.

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