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Queen Bey’s Growing Her Own Hemp and Honey! Check It Out

As the pandemic marooned everyone at home last year, the process of rediscovery commenced in full swing. Being stuck at home with nothing to do caused people all over to search for hobbies and activities to take up. While some worked to rekindle their love for old passions, others looked for new fun pursuits.

Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, we got sneak peeks into the lives of celebrities who, despite having luxurious mansions filled with fun amenities, struggled to find activities worth their fancy for the long term. This is why Queen Bey’s pandemic at-home endeavors particularly caught our attention.

Getty Images | Queen Bey has always been one to surprise the socks off her fans

What Has Queen Bey Been Up To?

The September issue of Harper’s Bazaar brought us some pretty unexpected and interesting information about the world-famous star: she’s got her own colony of honey bees! With a featured spot on the cover of the magazine, the artist sat down with HB for a signature q&a style interview.

Beyoncé disclosed during the interview that she’s been building a hemp and honey farm, with hives on the roof and everything. She also told the publication that she’s been reviving positive rituals from the past, with saucy little twists of her own. This brings us to her other hobby as of late: hemp farming. The artist claims that both her home-grown honey and hemp aid in rituals for healing and relaxation.

Harper’s Bazaar | Sneak a little peek at the magazine’s cover

Where Is the Farm Located?

All we know so far is that the hemp and honey farm is on her roof – and that is it. Queen Bey doesn’t get into details as to which of her many properties host this recreational ritualistic activity. She and her rapper husband Jay Z currently own a $26 million East Hampton waterfront mansion and a 1926-built historic home in New Orleans, which also caught fire recently in a suspected arson case. Though they had some property in NYC as well before, we’re unsure if that is still the case.

Jeffrey Collé | Beyonce and Jay-Z’s East Hampton home

Queen Bey’s Not the Only One

Beekeeping has seemingly become all the rage over the past year. Only recently, news broke out of Duchess Kate Middleton growing a bee farm in her Anmer Hall home and making her own honey, followed by her brother James Middleton expressing a similar (if not bigger) passion for the activity. He also penned his love for beekeeping in an essay for the Daily Mail. Other than these two, Martha Stewart, Jennifer Garner, and Morgan Freeman are all into beekeeping.

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