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Princess Eugenie Just Committed a Serious Blunder on Social Media, And Honestly, We Can All Relate!

The British Royal Family attracts a sizeable amount of attention from millions of fans around the world who watch their every move.

First it was Prince William and Kate Middleton’s fairy tale love story that attracted attention from the masses, and years later, the family was back under the spotlight thanks to Meghan Markle, a prominent member of the U.S. showbiz industry who recently joined the royal ranks. But now that the pot has been stirred, no member of the royal family is safe from the tabloids.

From their royal outing to their love interests to pregnancies, there’s nothing that escapes from the grapevine’s ears, and Princess Eugenie isn’t an exception.

Her fans’ eyes have been following her ever since she got married to her husband, Jack Brooksbank. True enough, the Princess of York was plunged into new controversy when she got trolled for misspelling a word in her social media post — embarrassing! 

Here’s the controversial post she posted on her Instagram account and why everyone can relate to the blunder she made.

The Controversial Post

In an attempt to celebrate the #NationalSiblingDay, Princess Eugenie published a post on her Instagram account wishing her older sister, Princess Beatrice, a Happy National Siblings Day.

She also thanked Beatrice for helping her with her long bridal dress as she hopped into her getaway car on her wedding. The younger Princess of York then tagged her sister with a caption “Your the best.

Emma Tovey/Shutterstock
It remains unclear whether Princess Eugenie published the post herself or one of her royal members did it on behalf of her.

While most people admire the close-knit relationship between the two sisters, some fans, especially those grammar-nazis, couldn’t help but notice how Princess Eugenie misspelled “You’re” as “Your.”

While most of her fans were kind enough to overlook the error or leave a police comment on the post to correct her spelling, there were some trolls who saw this as an opportunity to poke fun at her and even left mean comments on her photo.  

The Controversy

Some people called out how Princess Eugenie’s grammar is still horrible despite receiving education from some of the most prestigious schools in the world, a privilege that most commoners don’t get to have. Meanwhile, one user mused how awkward it was to know that someone in line to the throne doesn’t know the difference between you’re and your.

Emma Tovey/Shutterstock
Princess Eugenie remained steadfast amid the controversy and decided to move on and let things go.

Another Instagram user also advised Princess Eugenie to review her English language course. According to them, royals can’t afford to make such tiny errors, considering that they constantly have to live under a microscope.

The Defense

Those fans who love Princess Eugenie were also quick to defend their favorite royalty. One commenter said while grammar is essential, it’s more important to dwell on the meaning behind Princess Eugenie’s words.

Writing is a form of communication to convey your message to the other party. He said it was nice and sweet of her to give a tribute to her older sister to commemorate the National Sibling Day.

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Most of Princess Eugenie’s fans lauded the royalty for posting something positive instead of dwelling in life’s negativities.

Meanwhile, another commenter said we all commit grammar/spelling errors, and even the Royals aren’t exempted of that. So she urges everyone just to let it go. Some fans also opted to focus on the beautiful photograph featuring the two Princesses of York smiling with each other.

Instead of dwelling on something trivial like grammar errors, Princess Eugenie’s fans urge everyone to look beyond these imperfections and celebrate the siblings day with full of love and acceptance instead. 

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