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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Could Move to Africa for This Shocking Reason

While the world anticipates the arrival of Baby Sussex in just a couple of days, many loyal fans are wondering whether Prince Harry and Meghan will continue living at their Frogmore cottage or move elsewhere to raise their family.

The news of the Duke and Duchess leaving their royal life in the United Kingdom to move in Africa has been circulating for quite some time now, and fans have been waiting eagerly for the royal couple to confirm or deny the rumors.

Conflicting sources reveal the Palace anticipates their move as they want to take advantage of the couple’s popularity abroad. Meanwhile, other media outlets claim the British Monarch decides to exile the couple in fear of overthrowing Prince William and Kate’s popularity.

The couple’s royal office finally quells the rumors as they reveal the truth behind the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ controversial tour.

The Bespoke Role

According to Prince Harry and Meghan’s advisers, they are now working for a bespoke role of the couple to combine their Commonwealth and charity work by moving to Africa and live in the continent for 2-3 years.

The Royals’ presence there will also help in promoting the British culture in the region and strengthening its ties with the monarchy.

According to reports, the Palace wants to utilize the couple's rock star status in abroad for their charity work and in promoting Britain.

According to reports, the Palace wants to utilize the couple’s rockstar status for charity work and promoting Britain

The former British Ambassador Sir David Manning and the Queen’s former private secretary, Lord Geidt, said the international travel plans have been in the works for quite some time now. However, nothing has been finalized yet as the Duke and Duchess are still awaiting their first royal baby.

The Reason

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s proposition to move overseas hasn’t gotten the Queen’s approval yet, the couple is still using their Frogmore Cottage as a temporary place of residence.

All travel plans aside, the palace reports that the Duke and Duchess are excited to welcome their first born child, so they’re using their free time to focus on raising their family together before making the big decisions to relocate to a different country. 

Prince Harry considers Lesotho his second home.

Prince Harry considers Lesotho his second home

The initial decision to send the couple for an African tour stems from Prince Harry’s previous engagement in African causes and charity work. The Duke of Sussex has reportedly established close ties with the African communities since he visited the continent frequently in his younger days.   

Addressing the Rumors

The Sunday Times reported that the British Government and Palace officials are in talks to finalize the couple’s departure, but others believe that two might stay put at Frogmore cottage, especially since they recently spent a large fortune to get the place renovated. If the African plan gets confirmed, the council will have to make preparation to ensure the couple’s safety and security during their stay.

The Palace reiterates there's no ongoing feud brewing between Prince William and Kate and Prince Harry and Meghan.

The Palace reiterates there’s no ongoing feud brewing between Prince William and Kate and Prince Harry and Meghan

Despite the Palace’s statements, some Royal fans couldn’t help but speculate there might be more pressing reasons why they go the extra mile to “exile” Prince Harry and Meghan from England.

The exile news started circulating after reports of an ongoing royal feud between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex has emerged a few months ago.

However, the Palace was quick to dispell these concerning rumors and say that the relationship between the brothers and their wives remains intact. Case in point, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently paid a visit to Meghan and Prince Harry new house in Frogmore cottage.

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