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Prince Charles Exhibits True Royal Composure when Worker Faints in front of him During a Royal Outing

Prince Charles has become the poster boy for royal composure for his perfect reaction to a man fainting in front of him during an official royal outing to Asda, a supermarket retailer based in Britain. The prince remained steady and calm as the medics took over the scene immediately.

Shutterstock | Prince Charles is the epitome of bravery and

This exemplary episode went down on Thursday, when Prince Charles and Princess Camilla, showed up at a supermarket warehouse center to show their appreciation for the laborers who had to work through the difficult period since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a decent, but a socially-distanced conversation with one of the workers, the Prince noticed that the man was visibly shaky. Less than a second passed by before he started swaying uncontrollably, and collapsed to the floor.

While numerous individuals would have frozen in spot, screamed, panicked, or in any case, completely lost their calm, Prince Charles had just a single response, and that was to intuitively step forward to help the man from falling- a pure reaction that the Prince was unable to fight back, despite social-distancing protocol. When the man was down, Prince Charles immediately gave him some space and serenely held on as others rushed to help him. The man got the help he needed and was able to recover quickly enough to finish the conversation he was having with Prince.

The royal couple, Prince Charles and Princess Camilla, at the end end of the visit, also unveiled a plaque to symbolize their visit to the center. They were delighted to learn that Asda had partnered with food charities like Trussel Trust and FareShare, thereby doubling the impact they had on the community during these challenging times.

Getty Images | The royal couple showed immense appreciation for the workers

In perfect live-like-you’re-young spirit, the warehouse operator Richard Sigward, who is 74-years-old and has been working at Asda for the past 17 years, conversed with the royal couple and confided that he doesn’t see himself retiring anytime soon.

This simple dialogue sparked a wonderful conversation between the trio, in which the Duchess agreed that if people are happy with their jobs, they should continue working for as long as they’d like. She added that she and the prince aren’t willing to retire anytime soon either. In fact, Princess Camilla is known to have said that she’s never seen another man of Prince Charles’s age who is as fit as him. The Princess compared her husband to a mountain goat that keeps walking without ever tiring.

Getty Images | The Princess engaged in a wonderful conversation with the workers

After being locked away in their Scottish home for months due to the pandemic, the royal couple has finally now gotten out of isolation to pay their accolade to the frontline workers.

Princess Camilla also shared her feelings about the whole situation, making it known that even though the couple is going for in-person visits now, it doesn’t quite feel the same due to social distancing measures. Saying thanks from a large distance doesn’t have the same effect as expressing your gratitude with a handshake, said the Princess.

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