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This is The Non-Traditional Yet Awesome Way ‘The Morning Show’ Star Jennifer Aniston Celebrated This Year’s Holidays

Friendsgiving is a relatively new tradition where friends enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together, which is traditionally eaten with one’s family. While the term was reportedly coined in the late 2000s, it’s only become as popular as it is today in the past years.

In fact, even celebrities have participated in this new practice. One of the most notable ones to do so is actress Jennifer Aniston. She might have done it a bit better than regular people though.

Annual Celebrations

The group photo that Theroux posted on his Instagram with a caption joking about their ‘fakesgiving’

It looks like the ‘Friends’ alum really has lots of friends both on and behind the screen. Her annual Friendsgiving celebrations were attended by her celebrity pals like former sitcom buddy Courtney Cox, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, comedian Will Arnett, actor Jason Bateman, and even her ex-husband Justin Theroux.

The 48-year-old actor even took it upon himself to document some of the night’s festivities including a video of Cox saying how much she loves her longtime friend.

It can be remembered that Aniston and Theroux were divorced in early 2018 after about two and a half years of marriage. They tied the knot in 2015. Despite this though, they parted on good terms and remain close friends until today. They even reunited when Aniston’s dog sadly passed away earlier this year.

Jen’s Special Dish

Aniston posted a photo of her famous enchiladas on her newly launched Instagram account

However, it seems like her celebrity friends were all looking forward to one thing in particular: the actress’ enchiladas. The biggest fan of the Mexican dish is without a doubt Kimmel though having requested Aniston to make it for the occasion.

In fact, the enchiladas were even served to the guests with a nameplate specifically bearing the host’s name. Not surprisingly, the 52-year-old comedian was thrilled that his request was granted as was seen by the video Aniston took of him and posted on social media. He wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the dish though. Cox also said how much she liked the enchiladas.

Behind the Enchiladas

The two stars have been friends for a long time with the host even attending Aniston’s wedding to Theroux

The choice to serve this dish began with a suggestion from Kimmel when the ‘Friends’ star guested on his eponymous late-night show. They took a look back at the latter’s 2018 Friendsgiving celebration. Jokingly admitting that he has a problem with the dinner, he commented about how he’s already had the traditional Thanksgiving fare in his home the night before and wasn’t too pleased to be eating the same food at her place.

As a solution to their small dilemma, he recommended that the actress cook up something special that isn’t the standard roasted turkey and stuffing. In the end, he decided on Mexican food and even joked how good Graciasgiving can be for their friend group. He also noted how everyone else will probably follow suit if Aniston did it.

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