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Lili Reinhart Announces Break from Twitter for This Shocking Reason

Being a celebrity can be really tough most of the time. Aside from making sure that you get projects in order to stay relevant in such a competitive industry, you must also try to please your fans since they literally are the reason why you are rich and famous. Without the people who support you, there might be chances that you won’t even make it to casting calls or that you won’t be able to sell a single song. With all the fame and fortune, there is always a catch and that is how privacy may no longer be something that can be considered as your privilege.

It is a known fact that if you’re rich and famous then people would have endless rumors about you. However, things may have gotten way worse than before because in this generation comes what they refer to as social media. There have been so many celebrities that are being bullied in social media, that can literally affect a person’s mental health. Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart had to take some time off of social media because of this reason.


Twitter Break

The Riverdale actress revealed that she will be taking a break from Twitter because of her mental health. In a statement, Reinhart said that if people don’t experience being constantly hated by everything she says or does on social media, then they wouldn’t understand.

She also said that this break is not just because someone made a hate comment towards her, it is because the overall situation in the platform is not good for her anymore. Being a celebrity, of course, makes it even more difficult for her, there are now people saying she simply can’t handle the criticism that’s why she’s doing this.

What people don’t realize is that millions of people give their opinions on celebrities as if they actually know them, and what they also don’t realize is that these people are human too and are capable of being hurt once thousands of people make nasty judgments towards them.

Reinhart added how she actually feels pretty stupid for having to explain herself as to why she’s taking a break, she also said that the negativity and ignorance on Twitter are way out of control and that she’s having anxiety just thinking about it. The actress said it may take her a few weeks.

It is that one risk of being criticized is something celebrities must face every single time. It can be tough being in the industry but social media definitely made it even worse from them. Reinhart is not the first one to get affected by some haters, and celebrities are not the only ones suffering from it.

Social Media Effects on Mental Health.

It may be worse for famous people but it no longer matters if you are known in the entire world or not, because either way there is a chance for you to get affected by social media in a really bad way. Based on recent studies, there are now so many people in the world, especially teenagers, who are addicted to social media.

Waking up next to their phones to check notifications, being at it most of the day, and losing sleep just because of it. People have been glued to their smartphones because of social media, it even gets worse when they literally post everything they do every single day. It also modifies their moods and their life choices get affected as well.

This leads to them having to seek approval from other people on social media, such as doing whatever the trend is at the moment. It also leads to envy and jealousy especially if they see other people’s post and they want the same thing. The negative effects are endless, but the worse one of them has got to be how it can manipulate the mind that convinces them they’re not good enough.

Social media has totally taken over the world in a not so great way. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you will get affected but only if you let it happen. Reinhart choose to leave before it literally breaks her, experts believe that people nowadays act like they can’t live without social media for a day, and that is the scary part.

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