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What It’s Like To Go On A Cruise Vacation

All coins have their flipsides, and this can also be applied for methods of traveling – with cruising vacations certainly being no exception. Even though it’s obvious that there are many more pros to cruising vacations than there are cons, we’ve listed down all the cons of taking a cruise vacation that will help you decide what kind of vacation is right for you.

All of the information presented below is based on Insider reporter Joey Hadden who took her very first cruise on the Royal Caribbean’s Wonders Of The Sea. While Hadden said that being on that ship in the middle of the ocean with the summer breeze is exactly what she needed after a long winter back at her home in New York, it still wasn’t the ideal vacation for her. 


Matthew Barra/Pexels | Does the thought of a cruise vacation excite you?

Short Port Stops

In her words, although all port stops were extremely breathtaking, it was difficult to get a true sense of all the places because the sightseers wouldn’t be docked long enough. Because it would sometimes take days to reach the ports, Hadden presumed that the docking times would be longer than they were. She hoped to explore the destination more and even see the spots during nighttime but more often than not, the ship would begin to depart at 4 p.m., before sundown. The docking time was usually at 8 a.m. and the ship would leave at 4 p.m., which didn’t give her enough time to explore the city properly. This also made Hadden realize that she prefers a vacation in one place at a time so that she has more time to explore. 

Getting Seasick 

Before and after getting on the cruise, people told Hadden that the motion of the ship rocks them to sleep. However, that wasn’t the case with her as she got seasick because the journalist was prone to motion sickness. Another bad decision that she made while getting on the cruise was booking a room at the front of the ship. If you get seasick easily, it’s considered the worst place to be on. The best place to be is the middle and/or higher decks as they’re more stable and calm. 


Magda Ehlers/Pexels | If you’re prone to motion sickness, a cruise is not your thing

Busy Crowds

Because you’re on the biggest cruise ship in the world, you should expect it to be packed and busy. Hadden noticed that certain areas of the ship such as the buffet and the outdoor decks were occupied by a lot of passengers, pretty much all the time. Sometimes the elevators would be so packed that taking the stairs would seem like a wiser decision. Additionally, finding an empty pool chair was next to impossible for Hadden, and all this made her more anxious than relaxed. 

So what do you think? Are cruise ships still the perfect getaway?

If yes, we’re glad to see you let nothing stand in the way of your dreams.

And if you said no, then fret not. There are still lots of other vacation options out there!

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