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From Lavish Vacations to Gin Cocktails: What It’s REALLY Like to Be the Queen of Britain

When we talk about royalty, the first thing that comes to our mind is the British monarchy which is hailed as the most powerful royal family in the world.

Millions of fans have been closely following the tabloids for the latest developments in the family especially the younger generation of royalties like Prince William and Duchess Kate, as well as Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan who’re expecting their first child.

However, nothing much is said about the highest monarch, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself. For those who are curious about what she’s been up to lately, we’re giving you a glimpse of the luxurious, royal life the Queen enjoys as the longest living British monarch.

The Royal Life

Aside from her royal title, Queen Elizabeth II also hails as the tenacious family matriarch, a lover of corgis, and all things bright and colorful. The fans can’t help but notice the Queen’s humble demeanor and her minimalistic upbringing despite the enormous wealth and power she wields.

Queen Elizabeth II symbolizes women strength to lead one of the most influential monarchs in the world.

Queen Elizabeth II remains strong and healthy after celebrating her 93rd birthday last April 21, 2019.

True enough, the Queen owns a myriad of luxurious assets including over 200 Launer purses worth $2500 each, a staggering $10 million collection of lavish cars ranging from Bentleys, Land Rovers, custom-made Range Rovers Rolls-Royce, and more than 150,000 famous art pieces.

Her Prized Possessions

Aside from these extravagant possessions, Queen Elizabeth also keeps some of her beloved vintage treasures like the wedding dress she made with her own hands along with some help from her younger sister, Princess Margaret, while they were locked in Windsor Castle during the World War II.

Despite being decades old, the dress is surprisingly modern and presentable enough for the Queen to wear it to special occasions or even hand it down as a gift to one of her granddaughters for their wedding.

Her Routine

According to Sir Kenneth Scott, her former secretary, the queen has followed the same holiday tradition for many years now, which begins with a luxurious trip to her estate at Sandringham Palace in Norfolk to host a three-day Christmas celebration.

There, the Royals host elaborate parties, receptions, and dinners for the Queen’s personal friends and neighbors while Her Highness supervises the preparations and examine the condition of the Palace to determine if it needs any repairing or renovations. The holiday festivities continue until January.

Horseback riding is one of the Queen’s favorite hobbies

When February comes around, the Queen moves back to Buckingham Palace and resumes her royal duties. After Christmas, the next holiday she takes is during Easter. In early June, Her Highness is back on schedule to hold court meetings and attend the Most Noble Order of the Garter’s annual celebration.

The Travels

For a 93-year-old woman, the Queen does an incredible job at overseeing the monarchy. The royal matriarch travels frequently to attend to her duties, especially during the summer when she must visit the Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland to fulfill an annual round of commitments.

She goes back to London where she stays until August, and later to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle where she spends the remaining few months of summer.

The Queen stays at Sandringham Palace until January before going back to her official residence.

The Queen then goes back to London (where she shared her first tea session with Meghan Markle last year). She also indulges in some of her favorite hobbies like horseback riding and strolling around her estate with one of her luxurious cars.

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