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Do Your laundry with Cold Water. Don’t believe us? Here’s what Research Says

Ok, be honest! Wasn’t the first question that came to your mind after reading that title – “how can there be research about something as mundane as laundry?” If you’re like most people out there, it probably was. And you’re justified in thinking that way. But the truth is, how you do your laundry makes a lot of difference to your clothes’ lifespan and appearance. And there are studies conducted to prove this!


Pixabay | The temperature of water and the duration for which you wash clothes makes a difference to their lifespan

Research suggests that by washing your clothes in cold water and shorter washing cycles, you can make sure your clothes last longer and look as good as new. Further, it may also help in cutting down your carbon footprint and saving money as well. Wow, those are pretty great benefits, don’t you think?

Let’s delve a little deeper into the concept.

Impact of water temperature on the wash

As per recent studies about fabrics, hot water severely impacts the color and microfiber of clothes. The time for which you wash the clothes also matters; longer wash cycles mean more damage to the fabric.

On the contrary, cold water is the safest option to retain cloth color and microfiber quality. It gives anti-fading and anti-damage results. Moreover, the difference not only lies in the water temperature but the detergent as well. Thanks to science, today, excellent detergents are available that contain sustainable ingredients like enzymes to help short wash cycles achieve the desired results.

Hot water is mainly recommended if you want to get rid of germs, allergens, and stains from clothes. But cold water is recommended for delicate, colored, and less soiled garments.


TimesOfMalta | Repeated washing with hot water leads to color fading and microfiber damage

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Creating environmental difference

As already hinted at, you can save money by adopting cold water washes with shorter cycles. Additionally, you can also cut down your carbon footprint from the environment. Let’s see how.

Washing, drying, and ironing comprise significant carbon emissions from clothing. It is scientifically proven that hot water washing releases an alarming number of microfibers from clothes, which end up in the sea as tiny un-dissolved strands. This not only pollutes the water, but many marine animals swallow these small strands causing much harm.

Moreover, hot water washing releases dyes and chemicals that harm the aquatic flora and fauna. An additional threat to our planet is the clothes we discard after their colors have faded (as a result of repeated hot water washing). These go to landfills and release greenhouse gases like methane while degrading.


Pixabay | Microfibers shed from clothes end up in the sea causing pollution

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To conclude

Apart from increasing the longevity of clothes and reducing microfiber pollution, there are several other benefits to washing clothes with cold water. You may save up to 66% energy if you choose the colder and shorter wash cycles. Adapting to the above said preventive measures might leave you in a win-win situation.

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