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Keeping Yourself Busy Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown

With the latest guidelines from the government and the work from home order, non-essential workers have been at home. Working from home has saved us from the usual hustle of going to work. But at the same time, switching from the workplace environment to work from home has proved to be quite a jarring transition for most. Now, we have more time to do a lot of things we couldn’t find time for earlier.

But come to think of it, what are the different things we can do during this lockdown-at-home time?


Pexels | There are lots of ways to stay busy during the lockdown

Don’t stress your brains; sit back with a cup of coffee and relax as we dish out a few activities that will add fun to your stay-at-home schedule.

Experiment in the kitchen

The most important thing in everybody’s day-to-day activities is food. Among all meals of the day, breakfast is of prime importance. 60% of workers across the world miss breakfast when going to work.

Fortunately, when all of us are locked down, there’s no need to rush to the office. Now you have enough time to cook meals for yourself, and that too, not just in the morning. You can even search for some recipes online and try them out. Those cravings you always fantasized about, try them too.

Work out

Have you always loved the idea of exercising in the morning but couldn’t practice it till now because you had to start the rush for office as soon as you got up?

Well, now’s a perfect time, isn’t it! Today, you have ample time to exercise and get in excellent shape. Not only can you get some fresh early morning air while working out, but you could also engage in e-therapy classes.


Pexels | Home workouts are a good way to stay fit.

Hone your reading skills

During a nine-to-nine working schedule, most of us couldn’t find time to read. Our literary adventures were probably limited to reading memos and reports in the office! But today, there’s much time to dust those books in our bookshelves and tuck in with a good one.

You could pick from any category; romance, sci-fi, personal development, or maybe a classic. Use this period to update your vocabulary.

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Be Creative

With no more hustling for buses or trains, you can use your time to acquire a new skill. Pick up a creative hobby like crafts and drawing. You can even use an application like Canva to learn design. Check YouTube or Instagram for more ideas.

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Organize Your Space

Why not tidy up and decorate your home office? Unlike your actual office, where you need to limit your creativity when personalizing, open your imagination and make what you wish out of your home office. When you do so, you’ll start loving your work even more.


Pexels | Organizing your home office could be fun

Wrapping it up

Several things can be done in the free time we’ve all been granted during the lockdown. Select what works for you. Remember to stay safe and stay positively occupied.

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