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Katie Holmes Treated Her Daughter with This Extravagant Present on Her Birthday

While most parents treat their kids to lavish gifts and surprise parties when they turn 18, Katie Holmes opted not to wait that long to give her beloved daughter, Suri, the best birthday present on her life.

As early as 13 years old, Suri received an extravagant birthday treat from her mum that she’ll remember for a lifetime. Let’s unveil how Holmes and Suri spent this memorable occasion together and why everyone is fawning over it.

The Treat

After enjoying a delicious dinner at Sant Ambrosius restaurant in New York, Holmes surprised her daughter by whisking her, along with two of her best friends, off to Paris.

Holmes said she couldn't forget the bright smile plastered on her daughter's face as she treated her for a birthday surprise.

Holmes said she couldn’t forget how her daughter’s face lit up as she treated her t0 a birthday surprise

According to Closer, a popular tabloid in France, they saw Holmes spending some quality time with Suri at a rooftop restaurant called Les Ombres.

The 90-minute exclusive dinner included plenty of selfies with the magnificent Eiffel Tower as their gorgeous backdrop, a caviar tasting, and several rounds of non-alcoholic mojitos while enjoying Paris’ cityscape.

The Bonding

The photos showed the actress dressed casually in a white blouse and black slacks while sipping on her white wine and enjoying her time with the girls. Meanwhile, the teenage trio was in floral party dresses to celebrate the special occasion.

Holmes reveals she loves spoiling her daughter on her birthday.

Holmes reveals she loves spoiling her daughter on her birthday

They spent an hour and a half on their table, ordering several rounds of courses, to thoroughly enjoy the French cuisine. They also spent some time on the rooftop’s terrace after dinner to enjoy the peaceful ambiance and fresh spring air.

According to reports, Suri wasn’t the only one getting a treat that night as Holmes also left a massive $100 tip for the waitress who served them.

Other Lavish Treats

This isn’t the first time Holmes treated her daughter with a sweet surprise on her birthday. Last year, the renowned actress gave her a sweet tribute on Instagram together with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes were also spotted in a cruise with her daughter while they were having some family basketball outing one time.

Katie Holmes was also spotted in a cruise with her daughter while they were having some family basketball outing one time.

Last year, they also went to Lesbos, Greece and visited the Artolution organization to help the refugees in the Moria camp and bring them food supplies.

Suri had a great time laughing and smiling as she played with the children there. The actress couldn’t help but share her daughter’s photo and captioned how wonderful it was to spend some time with these beautiful souls.

The Cost

According to sources, Katie Holmes spent an astounding $200,000 to pull off her Paris getaway birthday surprise. But Holmes didn’t regret going all out on her daughter’s birthday, because after all, $200,000 is only a small price for Suri’s happiness. The actress also said it’s her way of fulfilling Suri’s dream to spend her birthday to Paris while gazing at the iconic Eiffel Tower.

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