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How the Kardashians Spoils Their Kids With EXTREMELY Extravagant Purchases

The Kar-Jenner clan is known for living luxuriously and splurging on lavish things. Their multi-million dollar net worth, large properties, successful companies, and business ventures, as well as their back-to-back endorsements, enable the family to live a lavish lifestyle.

You’ll often see them traveling to tropical getaways, filling their store-sized closets with hundreds of beautiful and expensive clothes, shoes, and bags, and even buying an odd luxury car every now and then. Their love for lavish lifestyle runs deep as their pockets and even extends to their children. Here are some of the craziest gifts the Kardashians bought for their offsprings.

The Stormi World

Kylie Jenner’s first-born child, Stormi Webster recently celebrated her first birthday last January 19, 2019. The youngest self-made billionaire went all out and threw an extravagant birthday celebration for her daughter with the help of professional event planning company that worked for weeks to recreate a life-sized replica of Stormi’s head, inspired by Travis Scott’s Astro World album cover.

Dubbed as

Kylie Jenner dubbed her daughter’s lavish birthday party as Stormi’s World” inspired by Travis Scott’s album entitled Astro World.

The guests were appalled to see the grand entrance to her party before being treated to a venue filled with exciting activities and foods like pizzas, cake and an entire section dedicated to gourmet sweets. The guests even got to enjoy a live performance of the viral song, Baby Shark. Some of Stormi’s high-profile guests included her famous aunts, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian, as well as music producer, DJ Khaled.

An Expensive Puffer Jacket

While most people celebrate their birthdays with cake and a nice meal with family and friends, grandma Kris Jenner took the Kardashian birthday tradition to a whole new level by giving her grandson the most lavish gift one could ever ask for. Mason Disick is a living legacy of her grandmother’s expensive presents as Kris Jenner gifted him a Puffer Jacket with an astounding $3,000 price tag.

She also took her 9-year-old grandson on a shopping spree where they spent another $3,125 to buy a Baroque Print Padded Coat. While it can be considered an extravagant purchase, spending a few thousand dollars is just pocket change for the Kar-Jenner clan.

Renting Out Disney Land

It’s everyone’s dream to visit Disney Land at least once in their lifetime. You’re lucky if you can afford tickets to the expensive theme even once. However, Kim Kardashian’s massive wealth enables her to not only treat her family to lavish vacation but also to rent out the entire Disney Land for her daughter’s birthday!

The Kardashians were like VIPs when they rented out a part of Disney Land to host North West' birthday.

The Kardashians were like VIPs when they rented out a part of Disney Land to celebrate North West’ birthday

In 2016, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian rented out Disney’s Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree to host a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party for North West. All of the party guests were given priority consideration for face paintings, rides, and a fantastic fireworks display.

The $550,000 Nursery

Kim treated her miracle baby with lavish things as she builds her nursery room.

Kim treated her miracle baby with the most lavish nursery room

According to sources, Kim Kardashian spent an astounding $550,000 to build Chicago West’s nursery. Kim splurged on things like paying $176,000 to buy a rocking horse made of Swarovski Crystals, as well as a $40,000 velvet crib! While the baby certainly doesn’t need these lavish gifts, Kim went on treating her since she considered Chicago their miracle baby. Chicago was born via surrogation since Kim wasn’t healthy enough to carry her back then.

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