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Juggle Kids & Work “Like A Pro” Under Quarantine

Being a parent can be tough, especially during a pandemic, when everyone is supposed to stay at home and not step out at all. Parents used to get a little alone time to concentrate on chores and work when the little ones went to school.

However, with the quarantine and the kids being home round the clock, it has become challenging to juggle the additional responsibility of teaching while simultaneously taking care of work and the household.

We’re sure you resonate with us on this, and that’s why we’ve prepared a list of helpful tips that can guide you to strike the right balance between your work and managing your kids when facing lockdown. Have a look.


Pexels | Balancing work with kids can be challenging

Handy tips for balancing work and kids under quarantine

Set up activities

If you have a meeting or an urgent call coming up, try to set up some exciting activities for your child. You could grant them access to games on the iPad, their drawing book, or even a simple storybook if they’re into reading. Some parents also use ideas like kinetic sand, puzzles, and sensory bins to keep their children entertained.

Take turns with your partner

If you’re co-parenting, you could always take turns with your partner or spouse to take care of the kids. This means you not only split play (and study) time but also the chores around the house. With the entire family always in the house, laundry and dishes are likely to pile up with things getting strewn about everywhere. Talking to your partner on splitting the workload will help you manage your respective careers and the kids better.

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Family time

Kids are very likely to become bored on their own after a couple of hours. To deal with this, you could try to take some time off to do some partner activity with them, such as playing a board game, going for a short walk, or even cooking lunch together!


Unsplash | Allot some time specifically for the child


If your kids aren’t very young, creating schedules could work wonders. For instance, their schedule could have time for studying, homework, playtime, and practice. The practice time could include any extracurricular activities they are interested in, such as learning to sing or play an instrument.

Take Advantage of Naptime

This golden tip will help you to no end. You kids are bound to get tired and would love to take a nap sometime in the afternoon. In case they aren’t tired, you can always tuck them up to get some rest. Use this time to your advantage and finish as much work as you can.

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Pexels | Engage kids in activities while you work

Wrapping Up

Each family is different, and so is every parent’s work. Use your situation and these tips to make the best out of things. These strategies can help you get some work done while caring for your child.

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