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Johnny Depp Hits Amber Heard with a $50 Million Lawsuit for This Shocking Reason

The bitter drama surrounding Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has yet to see an end. We thought the estranged couple has abandoned their resentments towards each other and moved on with their lives but it seems like Heard’s nightmare is far from over. Depp is out to take a pound of fresh on his ex-wife after he hit her with a defamation lawsuit. If Heard loses the case against her estranged husband, she may have to cough up $50 million in damages.


Depp said Heard played the victim when she accused him of domestic abuse. He claimed that she planned the hoax to defame him and tarnish his public image according to the lawsuit. In 2018, Heard wrote an article for the Washington Post, where she claimed she lost out on jobs and got death threats because she accused Depp of violence.

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Depp claimed that she wants to push her career with the accusations and he is not going to let her enjoy the ill-gotten fame. The lawsuit revealed that the responding police officers refuted the accusations after Depp provided 87 surveillance camera videos and a third party witness to prove that Heard was a liar.  The actor claimed that Heard lied and must pay for it with a huge settlement amount.

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When the pair got married, they were the talk of Tinseltown. We thought that their love story would last forever but it ended in one of the worst divorce cases in Hollywood’s history.

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