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Jay-Z and Beyonce Offer Free Lifetime Tickets To One Fan Who Fulfills THIS Condition

Award-winning couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who are also known as The Carters, went on tour together from  June to October. The On The Run II tour was indeed a major success for the couple after it grossed for over $250 million for 48 shows around North America and Europe. With over 2 million tickets sold, Billboard magazine listed it as the third highest-grossing tour of 2018.

In order to see the power couple perform, you’ll need to fork over at least $300 for a decent spot close to the stage. However, you’ll need over $1,000 if you wish to get a VIP ticket together with a meet and greet. Ticket prices usually get this expensive, so their fans save up to be able to afford the experience of meeting their idols in person. This year, Beyoncé and Jay-Z offered something no artist has ever offered before, and it will definitely change your life.

The On the Run II concert grossed for over $250 million

Free Tickets for Life if You’re a Vegan

Who would’ve thought that they could score lifetime tickets in exchange for changing their lifestyle? It may seem a little too extreme, but Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fans think that it will definitely be worth it. The Carters previously announced that they have partnered with The Greenprint Project, is a vegan campaign by Beyonce’s trainer Marco Borges, to spread more awareness about the benefits of cutting out meat and dairy from your diet.

Recently, they announced that they will launch a competition wherein they will giveaway a lifetime ticket for a lucky fan in the United States who decides to live a vegan lifestyle. According to the official website, a lifetime ticket will cost more than $12,000. The couple has previously opened up about their goal of becoming vegans. They even wrote a joint introduction to the GreenPrint’s book that encourages people to take good care of their own health, as well as the health of their planet.

Unfortunately, over the years, they have faced some criticisms for wearing clothes that aren’t exactly animal-friendly. This already encouraged their fans to try the lifestyle in order to win the lifetime tickets. The Guardian reported recently that over 250,000 have already committed to the challenge.

This isn’t the very first time that Beyoncé wanted her fans to go vegan. The award-winning performer invited over a hundred million people who follow her on her social media, to join her when she was preparing to perform at the Coachella Music Festival last year. Instagram posts showed how Mrs. Carter shared that she was no longer consuming animal-based foods. It wasn’t exactly clear whether the couple is fully vegan, or are still trying to get used to the lifestyle themselves.

Beyonce has been trying to live a vegan lifestyle with the help of her personal trainer, Marco Borges

Sudden Veganism

Nutritionists and dietitians warn fans who think that going vegan all of a sudden is a good idea. Some of them may think that this lifestyle change is worth the prize, but what they don’t understand is that a plant-based isn’t for everyone and can put your health at risk. Most people think that veganism is a way to help the environment as well as the animals by not eating any animal-based product. In other words, veganism is a lifestyle, and not exactly a type of diet.

Mental health experts also warn the fans since changing their lifestyle for the sake of free concert tickets may be something extreme. Vegans choose to live their lives a certain way because of a certain belief, and they are not doing it just because it was a requirement to get something that they want.

It takes over 22 days to completely change a diet, some celebrities choose to do it for a limited period of time since they want to lose weight so quickly, but the primary goal wasn’t exactly to lose weight, but to consume cruelty-free meals. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals supported Beyonce’s decision to going vegan to prepare for Coachella last year, but it wasn’t clear whether the tickets in exchange for being vegan is something they wanted to promote as well.

The Carters will give $12,000 worth of lifetime ticket to a lucky fan who decides to go vegan

Some vegans expressed their thoughts and feelings over social media regarding the couple’s encouragement, but not all of them were very pleased. Some say that going to their concerts are considered as a form of entertainment and luxury since a lot of people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to see them perform live, and living an entirely new lifestyle for the sake of it is not exactly right, even if the couple mean well.

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