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Inside Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz’s Highly Private Marriage

A lot of people do not know that Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz have been officially married for four years.  Considering that Diaz is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood, it is a bit weird that much isn’t known about her marriage with Benji Madden.

They got married on the 5th of January, 2015 and they started dating the year before.  Coming after high profiled romances with Jared Leto, Alex Rodriguez and Justin Timberlake that made waves in the media scenes for several years, her relationship with Madden has been weirdly very low-key, and that is just how Diaz wants it to be.

Diaz’s marriage to Madden came after high profiled romances with Jared Leto, Alex Rodriguez, and Justin Timberlake

As a matter of fact, there was never a time when they publicly confirmed their engagement and Diaz only opened up to a media outlet sometime in 2015 about her romantic relationship with Madden.

Diaz said it is important to find someone who is in a place that is similar to yours as timing is very important. She has known Madden for several years before they started dating.

She mentioned that when as a lady you start a relationship with a guy, and you desire something that the guy doesn’t, that relationship would never work. That is because you will never be able to get the guy to be in the place that you want. Diaz noted that no matter your age, finding that guy who is in a place similar to yours and who is willing to show up is the singular way by which you can make your relationship work.

Relationships As Lessons

Diaz also talked about her experience with her past relationships, and she chose to see them not as mistakes but as lessons. According to the actress that starred in the movie, Other Woman, there are instances where you repeatedly make the same mistakes till you eventually learn a lesson.

She mentioned that a lot of girls are in the habit of picking one and the same kind of person repeatedly and they appear different but deeper than the surface, and they are all the same. Making that choice according to her is the fault of girls who make such choices.

There are instances where you repeatedly make the same mistakes till you eventually learn a lesson.

Also in another interview, Diaz said marriage wasn’t the end goal for her. She said she isn’t in search of a husband neither is she looking for marriage. She mentioned that she is living and isn’t thinking what she should do or not do with her life.

Cause Of Change

When asked about what made Madden different, the actress said it appeared it was not really about the man at all. She said it was about her finding herself and that came after two decades of continuous work in the industry and moving from one part of the world to the other and one job to another.

Dating Madden was not really about the man at all, but she said it was about finding herself

She said she felt she needed to make herself real again and she ended up retiring from acting. The Annie remake in 2014 was her very last role onscreen.

Goop founder and Diaz’s good friend, Gwyneth Paltrow asked her why she did not get married till she turned 41.  She answered and said it was more because she had not met her husband. While she had boyfriends in the past, she knows that there is a crucial difference between boyfriends and husband. She further explained that she now has a husband that is her life partner as well as her partner in everything.

She also stated that they are people with very different characters, but they have similar values. She lovingly added that one partner’s weirdness complements the other’s. She also stated that in the world we live in, lots of women are seen as objects, but her husband has been able to show her what it feels like to not have that kind of relationship as he treats her like an equal.

Marrying Madden helped Diaz to get a family immediately as Richie who also participated in the panel said that the family is a very close one and they rely on their other family members. She mentioned that the family feels like one big support system.

Mutual Feeling

Madden also feels so lucky to be with Diaz after he also had his share of high profile relationships including romantic relationships with Katty Perry, Paris Hilton, and Holly Madison.  Madden does not particularly post often about Diaz on his social media pages, but he dedicated a very sweet post to her on Instagram for her 46th birthday that held in August.

Madden also feels so lucky to be with Diaz after he also had his share of high profile relationships

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