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Holy Guacamole! Oprah is Growing Her Own Avocados Instead of Buying Them for This INSANE Reason

With an astounding $2.5 billion net worth, the renowned TV host Oprah Winfrey can buy anything she wants without worrying about the price. A $10 bag of avocados? That’s nothing to the queen of talk shows, especially when you compare it to some of her other extravagant purchases like a private jet, a getaway island, expensive cars, and lavish mansions.

And yet, Oprah finds it ridiculous to pay a hefty price for avocados! Guess she won’t be serving any guacamole to her guests at house parties.

But while she might not be buying any of this healthy fruit at the supermarket, Oprah has an abundance of avocados in her house. How? Because the billionaire opted to purchase an entire avocado orchard instead of buying a small bag from Trader Joe’s.

The Confession

In an interview with The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the renowned TV host asked Oprah what parts of her life remains relatively normal despite her lavish status. Oprah answered that like most Americans, she loves avocados and incorporates them in her healthy diet.

According to the TV mogul, she loves avocados on everything: eggs, toast, salad, tacos, you name it. Her favorite food to pack when she travels is a simple homemade sandwich made with tuna and avocado.

Instead of spending dollars to purchase avocados, Oprah chose to grow orchard in her garden.

Instead of spending money on purchasing avocados, Oprah chose to buy an entire orchard

Considering her love for this delicious fruit, one would think that Oprah buys a lot of avocados. However, she surprised the audience by confessing that she doesn’t spend her money on this fruit because of how expensive price.

So instead she decided to buy an avocado orchard. Noah couldn’t help but laugh how Oprah thought it was a regular occurrence for her. He even joked about how Oprah could buy expensive things like private jets and yet she’s not too keen on spending a few bucks on avocados.

The Paradise Garden

In an interview with People in 2017, Oprah said that she loves English muffins and she often goes out of her way to order her favorite kind from The Model Bakery in Napa Valley, especially when she’s traveling on her lavish private jet.

The billionaire doesn’t mind making a pitstop at the bakery to satisfy her craving for freshly baked muffins. When she’s home, the queen prefers to make her own bread and other homemade pastries.

Oprah also shared a glimpse of her orchard garden to her fans to promote healthy living.

Oprah also shared a glimpse of her orchard garden with her fans to promote healthy living

Aside from bread, Oprah also shared photos on her Instagram account where she harvested a basket of avocado orchards as well as a bowl of figs in 2013. The TV mogul treated the harvest as a special day as she gets to chop these fruits and add them to her oatmeal and other healthy foods.

Her Other Normal Habits

The other normal habits Oprah has is washing her own clothes. Considering her wealthy status, it’s obvious that Oprah owns a lot of expensive clothes that cost thousands of dollars. With such an expensive wardrobe, she simply can’t take the risk of letting someone else do her laundry because she simply can’t afford to have it ruined at someone else’s hands, Oprah said, as Noah and the audience laughed.

Oprah says their comfort rooms run like a hotel service as her staff refills te toiletries regularly.

Oprah says their comfort rooms run like a hotel service as her staff refills the toiletries regularly

Oprah also keeps a close eye on her bathroom supplies and changes the toilet paper roll regularly before it runs out. The talk show host handles this personally despite having an army of maids and caretakers to look after her palatial mansions.

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