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Holly Willoughby Gave up a £450,000 Coke Deal Due to This Heartwarming Reason

Family is one of the biggest blessings in life, without which it would be impossible for humans to appreciate and tolerate each other. No matter where we come from, we have this desire to bond more with  people of our kind. But for prodigal celebrities with a jet-setter lifestyle, they find it hard to bond with their family due to the nature of their job. But that’s not the case with Holly Willoughby who refused to abandon her loved ones for fame.

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Holly Willoughby is not facing a crisis in her career. She is doing well as a TV presenter on Dancing On Ice and ITV’s This Morning.

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Willoughby enjoys a £450,000 salary from her deal with Diet Coke along with other endorsements. However, she doesn’t have enough time to spend with her three kids and husbands because of her job. She pulled out of her Diet Coke deal and her lifestyle brand, Truly, to make more time for the loved ones in her life. Now, this is called a true sacrifice!

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For two years, she has remained committed to Diet Coke with several meetings, advertisements, photo-shoots, and even a launch party. The beverage company parted way with Willoughby amicably but promised to work with her in the future. Finally, the kids and their mum can have some quality time together.

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