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Hidden Meaning Behind Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Romantic Oscar Performance

We couldn’t help but wonder if what we saw between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper during their Oscars performance was actually real. The pair left their fans shocked and in tears with the intense performance and even Irina Shayk stayed silent backstage after her boyfriend lit the stage on fire with his A Star is Born co-star. Some friends have criticized Gaga for taking advantage of the situation and not addressing fans’ concerns about her relationship with Bradley Cooper.

We already know that Gaga recently broke off her engagement with longtime fiance, Christian Carino, and is now a highly desirable single woman. But just because Gaga ended her romance with Carino doesn’t mean she’s in love with Cooper. The singer recently addressed the speculations surrounding her relationship with the director and shut down the rumors that something is going on between them. She revealed the two planned the romantic performance together because they were presenting a very emotional love song. Gaga wanted us to create a controversy with their staged chemistry to get people talking and create a buzz around the film.

Gaga referred to her past performances with other people like Tony Bennett, where she shared intimate moments with the legend onstage and even wrapped her arms around him. When it comes to love songs, Gaga doesn’t play soft because she wants her audience to feel her performance.

Rumor has it that this close relationship with Cooper may have played a part in her spit from Christian Carino.  Sources revealed that Gaga is a vulnerable artist, and she and Cooper may have crossed the line somewhere which offended her then-fiance. We’re wondering how Irina feels about the unnecessary attention this performance has been getting, and considering that she recently unfollowed Lady Gaga on Instagram, she is not probably not too happy about it.

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