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Guest-Editor Meghan Markle’s Vogue Cover Has a HUGE Flaw, But It Could Actually Mean Something Special

Excited to see Meghan Markle on the cover of British Vogue just like how Princess Diana and Kate Middleton graced the front page of the fashion magazine?

Sorry to burst your bubble but the Duchess of Sussex is not going to follow in the footsteps of the other royalties. The influential British royal family has been known for their age-old traditions that have been passed on from one generation to the next, but Prince Harry and his wife prove that you can still make a change while carving your own path.

Favorite Poem

By now you would know that the former Suits star guest-edited the September edition of British Vogue, but she won’t appear on the cover page.

Meghan Markle’s favorite poem is written by mental health activist Matt Haig

Instead, she is using this opportunity to celebrate 15 deserving women she admires for their trailblazing efforts. The collaboration between the fashion magazine and the royal marks the first for the outlet in 103 years.

What’s impressive is that Meghan incorporated different causes near and dear to her heart across the pages, including her favorite poem titled A Note from the Beach by Matt Haig.

The simple yet profound piece, she said, was the best reminder for promoting body positivity that is applicable to women of all generations. The author, who must be more than thrilled about his work being Her Royal Highness’ favorite, took to his Instagram to proudly share the milestone.

Editor’s Letter

The Buckingham Palace announced the big news recently, saying that the mom of one, who is still on a maternity’s leave since giving birth to Archie Harrison in May, is using this rare opportunity to highlight the importance of female empowerment.

According to Edward Enninful, Meghan Markle was clear she wouldn’t grace the cover

In the editor’s letter, Meghan gave us more details on how the partnership transpired. It was in January when she met with British Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful.

The hour that followed was filled with meaningful conversations between two who had a lot more in common than they thought, including their love of writing; who can forget that the 38-year-old used to have a blog called The Tig.

She also revealed that she was the one who had approached Enninful to volunteer as the guest-editor for the magazine’s September issue. Meghan recalled vividly the moment she received a positive response from Edward and divulged that she quietly celebrated.

The editor-in-chief, meanwhile, admitted he and the royal had talked about whether she would grace the cover or not, and from the get-go, the Duchess made it clear that she won’t because she wanted to bring the spotlight to the amazing women.

15 Women

The Princess of Wales posed for the front page of the magazine several times

As mentioned, both, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, late Princess Diana, and the Duchess of Cambridge have appeared on the front page of the magazine in the past.

Instead of posing for the camera, Meghan chose to feature other women including actors, activists, designers, some faces more familiar than the others, but each one of them striving to make a difference despite the world knowing about it, to be displayed on the cover,

She is also very hands-on with the photos, even asking the photographer Peter Lindbergh, who Edward said sees the beauty in real people, that she wanted to see freckles. If you would remember, Meghan’s pet peeve is seeing her face without her freckles and her skin tone altered.

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