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It’s Finally Time For Some Summer Fun! Hotels Are Prioritizing Guest’s Safety and Health During COVID-19 Outbreak

Ever since the World Health Organization announced COVID-19 as a pandemic, the hospitality industry has taken a huge hit. This forced many businesses to close down. Some hotels and resorts even had to shut down permanently due to economic losses.

As tension over COVID-19 starts to lift in different parts of the world, hotels and resorts are now beginning to reopen. Even so, many people, despite itching desperately to escape their homes and travel, remain unsure whether the risk is worth undertaking.

Unsplash | Hotels, and resorts have been deserted since the outbreak of the pandemic

Now, one of the most significant issues that hotels and resorts are facing is controlling the spread of the virus within their premises. Knowing how rapidly and easily the virus spreads, this might not be the easiest undertaking. On top of that, these businesses also have to abide by the ethos of hospitality, ensuring the safety and comfort of their guests.

Making Safety And Health Their Topmost Priority

Many hotels and resorts have started upgrading the already rigorous health and safety procedures. They regularly consult different health organizations to ensure that their businesses comply with already prescribed safety measures. To address and control the spread of COVID-19, these businesses have to go the extra mile. Otherwise, given to the nature of the hospitality business, the spreading of the virus will be increased tenfolds.


Unsplash | Hotels and resorts are regularly updating their websites with new safety protocols

Hotels and resorts now also prominently displaying their use of branded hygiene programs. For example, popular collaborations include Hilton’s ‘CleanStay with Lysol’ program, developed in partnership with Mayo Clinic; Hyatt’s commitment to Global Care & Cleanliness; and Marriot’s initiative titled ‘Commitment to Clean’.

Risk vs. Rewards Of Booking A Stay Today

From the looks of it, hotels and resorts have been hard at work, trying to ensure the safety of their guests. The risk of infection indeed increases when people are gathered together. But, since hotels certify your safety, the least you can do is meet them half-way.


Unsplash | Some people are taking advantage of empty hotels during the pandemic

It is quite obvious you won’t instantly get up and head to your nearest hotel. Of course, things won’t change overnight. You’d have to see evidence and results that emerge after hotels and resorts are officially open for business.

If you still remain speculative over whether or not you should be trusting these services yet, here are some questions you can ask yourself.

1. Is the hotel or resort located in a secluded area where social distancing measures can be taken?
2. Can you get to the hotel or resort by driving?
3. Are you confident about the precautions listed by the hotel or resort on their website?
4. Does the hotel test its guests upon arrival?
5. Will you have close exposure to the other guests of the hotel?
6. What other safety precautions can you take?

One thing remains certain- avid travelers need to get back out there. How long are you going to wait for the world to return back to “normal”? You’re one of the biggest factors that can help us get there faster. COVID-19 is a reality. But we can’t stop our lives because of it. The best-case scenario is you taking as many safety precautions as you possibly can and continue to live your lives to the fullest!

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