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The Best Horror Movies You Can Watch on Netflix, Warning: They are Dark!

Do you want to take a break from watching romantic, comedy, and fluffy movies and indulge in dark, twisted, films with controversial themes instead? Netflix got you covered. Whether you’re in the mood for the cult classic movies like the Five Venoms, or Empire Records, these movie experts shared the best cult films you can enjoy based on Netflix algorithm’s search results. Check out these top recommendations and see if your favorite movie made it to the list!

The Crow

The Crow was Brandon Lee's last movie appearance after he died from surgery.

The Crow was Brandon Lee’s last movie appearance after he died from surgery.

Directed by none other than Alex Proyas, he delivered a dark, supernatural film that followed the story of a former rock musician named Eric Draven who revived from the dead. He went on a quest to avenge his death as well as the murder and mauling of his fiancee. Lee suffered from an injury while filming the Crow after a faulty prop gun malfunctioned and shot him accidentally. A few days after finishing the film’s shooting, Lee reportedly died during the surgery.

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro

Directed by one of the pillars in the anime industry, Hayao Miyazaki produced a notable film with great visual storytelling while hooking up the audiences’ emotional virtuosity. Miyazaki featured the life of a master criminal who successfully infiltrated a casino – only to find out the money he stole was counterfeit.

As he went on a journey to Cagliostro country, he found himself saving the noblewoman named Lady Clarisse d’Cagliostro who was running away from Count Lazare d’Cagliostro’s men. Despite the public criticizing Miyazaki’s first film, the industry still valued this film as one of his notable works before he entered the golden Ghibli era.


One of its debut directors Doug Liman won the Best New Filmmaker Award in 1997 thanks to Swingers.

One of its debut directors Doug Liman won the Best New Filmmaker Award in 1997 thanks to Swingers.

Swingers followed the story of unemployed and single actors who struggled to make a living due to 1900s’ swing revival. The main protagonists, Mike Peters and Trent Walker lived on the streets of Eastside, Hollywood California while aspiring to reach their dreams of becoming actors and comedians. The film garnered positive feedback from the public due to its unique sense of humor as well as the perfect blending of comedic and dramatic scenes.


Stripes followed the life of John Winger, who was a sarcastic cabdriver who decided to join the army when his life fell apart. Winger struggled to fit in the most authoritarian institution in the country as it violated his anti-authoritarianism’s innate personality.

Not only the viewers back then had a hard time understanding Winger’s character, but they also felt slightly uncomfortable over the rights and privileges gap between men and women. However, the movie analysts said Stripes’ darkness showed the reality inside the military camp as well as the inequality most people experienced not only from the past but also in the present.


The great Steven Spielberg wrote the manuscript for the highly acclaimed supernatural horror film. He would’ve directed the movie if not for the contract agreement he signed when he made The Extra-Terrestrial. Instead, he produced the film and handed it over to Heather O’Rourke.

Poltergeist landed on the eighth spot as the highest grossing film in 1982.

Poltergeist landed on the eighth spot as the highest grossing film in 1982.

The story followed a family living in California suburb whose home was constantly invaded by angry and malevolent ghosts which lead to the abduction of the family’s youngest daughter.  

Their movie became an instant success that paved way to the creation of Poltergeist film series. One of the notable scenes the 80’s kids would always associate in the film was the haunting image of a stuffed clown who strangled a 10-year old girl.


The Heathers followed the life of Veronica Sawyer, a 17-year old teenager who teamed up with a new, rebellious student named Jason J.D. Dean. Together, they committed heinous crimes to keep Veronica’s reputation while eliminating the cool kids at school.

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