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‘Chandelier’ Singer Sis Just Made People’s Thanksgiving a Whole Better Because of This Awesome Gesture

There was a time when the public wasn’t quite sure what famous pop singer Sia actually looked like. After all, she was known for covering up her face with large wigs when performing or making public appearances for a while. But that didn’t stop unsuspecting shoppers from recognizing the performer as she did the most generous thing a fellow shopper could do.

Mysterious Woman Revealed

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Sia says she covers up her face with wigs to maintain some sense of privacy amidst stardom.

According to sources, Sia, whose real name is Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, went to a Walmart in Palm Springs, California and proceeded to pay for the bill of some of the people who were shopping there during Thanksgiving.

The Australian singer was pretty lowkey about her act of kindness though. Calling herself ‘Ci Ci’, Sia reportedly told her fellow Walmart shoppers that she has just won the lottery and she was paying it forward by treating strangers to some free bags of groceries.

Sia was wearing a casual outfit and notably didn’t have any of her notorious wigs on. However, one woman in the crowd still recognized her and even caught the incident on video, which she posted on Twitter after.

She wasn’t the only one who did, though. Judging from another clip that made the rounds on social media, other people easily caught on after they were informed of Ci Ci’s true identity as one fan was seen handing her a flower bouquet. Meanwhile, the singer was asking ‘who’s next?’ and whipping out her credit card as she approaches another register.

Good Deeds Noticed

A screenshot of one of the videos posted on Twitter

The 43-year-old musician’s good deed definitely didn’t go unnoticed. Safe to say a lot of people were impressed by what the singer did with some of them even calling her an ‘angel’ and ‘the kindest person in all music industry’.

However, there were also some people who were a bit skeptical about the incident and implied that Sia only did it to get publicity like some celebrities do. She was defended by those who were actually present at the store and insisted that Sia never actually revealed her identity to anyone there. The publicity only came when her cover was blown by fans who recognized her.

Because of this initially under the radar gesture, some of her fans began wondering whether it was also Sia who made an anonymous $1 million donation to an organization dedicated to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) sufferers. She has recently revealed that she is also struggling with the illness.

Famously Generous

The award given to Devens was announced by host Jeff Probst as Sia didn’t appear in person during the episode

If that is true, this wouldn’t be the first time that the hitmaker showed her generosity. She is also known for ‘The Sia Award’, an award she created to recognize the ‘Survivor‘ contestant who entertained her the most. Last May, she gave $100,000 to Rick Devens during the series finale of the reality show. According to the star herself, she just wants to share her success and that she enjoys the show very much.

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