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Calm Down, Swifties—Comedian Nikki Glaser Apologizes for Body-Shaming Comments She Made Years Ago

When the trailer for Netflix’s Taylor Swift documentary, Miss Americana, came out in January 2020, comedian Nikki Glaser was horrified to hear that her voice was included in the montage. For a confessed fan of Swift like her, it was not something to be proud of.

Hers was among the voice clips of people who have made comments and criticisms about the Bad Blood singer. These negative opinions have reportedly played a role in Swift’s decision to step away from the spotlight for a year.

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Netflix’s Miss Americana is a documentary about Taylor Swift where she opens up about body shaming and eating disorders.

Glaser, who made the body-shaming comments about Swift and her so-called squad five years ago, quickly took to Instagram to publicly apologize to Swift. In the post, she said that the situation was kind of ironic given that everyone close to her knows that she’s such a big fan of Swift and her music.

The 35-year-old Blind Date host said that her statements are examples of “projection” and should be prime examples in psychology books. She expressed that what she said reflected her fight against an eating disorder. Glaser claims that she must have felt fat and jealous during that time.

She has been open about her struggles against eating disorders for the past decades. She also revealed that she has had similar weight-related comments thrown at her and is aware of how bad it is to hear things like that.

A big Taylor Swift fan, Nikki Glaser apologized to the Look What You Made Me Do singer for her past comments.

Glaser said that only a few Swift fans have recognized her voice, but she still wants to say sorry to someone who has meant so much to her. She also wrote in the post that she would love to be Swift’s friend and would like to tell her that she has influenced her personal life and career.

The 30-year-old singer quickly responded to Glaser’s apology and expressed her appreciation. She said that one of the goals of the Netflix documentary is to tell people that they can influence a change in negative opinions, grow, and undergo self-discovery.

The You Belong With Me singer also told Glaser that she’s sorry to hear that the comedian also suffered the same struggles.

Taylor Swift has accepted Nikki Glaser’s apology

Taylor’s documentary titled Miss Americana was released on January 23, 2020. It shows Swift talking about her past struggles with an eating disorder. In the film, she revealed that she was triggered to deprive herself of food whenever she hears negative comments about her appearance or whenever she sees an unflattering photo of her.

This food deprivation caused her endurance and energy during concert performances to decline. She also revealed that she used to feel like she’ll pass out anytime. It’s a good thing that she was able to recover from that phase of her life. Swift’s passion for music and performing has influenced her to have a renewed appreciation for food and the nutrition it provides.

Swift said that she has come to terms with the fact that she’s not a size double-zero. Regardless, she’s still gorgeous and talented, if you ask us.

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