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Bringing Nature Back into Urban Life

As the world progressed, the planet witnessed tall skyscrapers and concrete jungles, and everyone was catapulted into an industrialized and fast life. But, even with all the tall buildings and advanced technology, you always turn to nature when you need to catch a break or clear your mind. There is no denying the numerous benefits that come with nature, plants, and trees.

Pexels | There’s something magical about bringing plants to life from scratch

Over the course of the pandemic, many people found solace in keeping house plants and enjoying new hobbies such as gardening. Not only did they inform about the positive impact it had on their mental health, but they also began a new home decorating trend that includes a lot of indoor plants.

It is time that everyone should include nature into their lives and homes, now more than ever. Today we’re breaking down all the information you need on why plants are necessary and how you can achieve a healthy coexistence with them.

Why do you need biodiversity?

Before you start redecorating your home, you probably wonder why you need to do this and go through all this hassle. For starters, scientists have concluded that nature is extremely important for you as it has a major impact on the mind and body. Simple tasks such as looking out the window and observing nature can elevate mood, lower anxiety levels, and boost self-esteem.

When you go out for a walk in the daytime, you feel better and almost rejuvenated. That is because the trees and the plants give off the oxygen that you intake, resulting in you feeling better. Apart from that, nature also works to clean the environment by removing all the toxins in the air. Researches have also proven that being in nature can lower the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Pexels | The exercise of gardening in itself is very therapeutic

How to make your city greener?

Now that we’ve gone over nature’s benefits, let’s discuss how to incorporate it into your daily lives. It all starts with one small step. You can plant trees and plants in places where possible. You should plant trees, grass, or plants in your own yard, and if you don’t own a yard, you can simply have potted indoor plants. Rather than tearing down the trees for construction, you should either relocate them or incorporate them into your architectural design.

Pexels | As long as you’re going green, whatever you can manage is great

Nature is soothing and calming, and in trying times like these, it is exactly what you need to keep you grounded, happy, and sane.

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