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Biggest Stories In Travel This Week!

Wondering what’s going on in the world of travel right now?

Here are the biggest stories you need to know about!

Aksonsat/Pexels | 5 minutes for all the information you need about travel

The Future of Transport

On November 30, Airbus said that it is creating a fuel cell engine that runs on hydrogen and aims to test it on the A380, the largest passenger aircraft ever. The initial test flights are expected to occur in 2026.

In other transportation news, Dubai hosted the first public test flight of the XPeng flying car in October. The two-passenger, all-electric vehicle, takes off vertically without a runway, making densely crowded places the optimum application.

As nations try to clear their streets of heavy traffic and pollution, lightweight microcars could be the future of city transportation.


After a protracted search, two entries from a photographic contest featuring breathtaking wildlife and natural scenery from throughout the world are discovered simultaneously.

Want to witness lively polar bear babies, scarlet fox cubs, and golden snub-nosed monkeys? Consider the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award.

Do you want to witness a violent fight between a leopard and a steenbok, a tree frog, and a hermit crab? View the British Ecological Society picture contest winners after that.

Pixabay/Pexels | Five lions managed to escape from their enclosure at Sydney Zoo last month

Saudi Arabia

Drone footage from the Saudi desert shows a gigantic fish-shaped rock growing from the sand. Photographer Khaled Al Enazi acquired a unique airborne perspective.

A giant $8 billion yacht in the shape of a turtle is another example of “Saudi goods that seem like aquatic life but aren’t.” As it turns out, it just may break all existing records for the largest floating construction.


Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the most active volcano in the world, erupted for the first time in almost 40 years and is still spewing lava.

Before Hawaii became a US state, Gwendolyn Bruhn, a former flight attendant, flew with Hawaiian Airlines in the 1940s. She is now 94 years old.

Hawaii has always been a favorite vacation spot for Japanese travelers. Its continuing appeal is due to something the Japanese refer to as “iyashi” which means “comfort” or “healing.”

Got the Juice

Replace your separate bulky laptop, tablet, and smartphone chargers with a small, powerful, all-purpose GaN charger to free up vital baggage space and reduce the weight you need to carry.

Ketut/Pexels | Equipment weight can make your travel hectic

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Every week, we feature a tourist who has run into legal trouble. This week, it’s Odell Beckham Jr. The NFL player was taken from a Miami flight on November 27 after he allegedly refused to follow safety procedures.

When Beckham Jr. embarked on his tour on December 1, he didn’t take any chances. From a private jet, he posted an Instagram story with the captions “not today” and “back to the normal.

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