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The Best Natural Swimming Pools In The World

Travelers are fond of picking their visiting destinations based on a place’s beauty. More often than not, they look for places that are pleasing to the eye and soothing for the soul. Natural swimming pools tick both boxes and are a perfect choice for a good travel destination. While it’s aesthetically an extremely unique place to add to your social media platforms, it also allows you to just cool off. Today we have listed down some of the best natural swimming pool spots in the world to make your next travel destination decision easier.

Cave Of Poetry, Italy

The Cave Of Poetry is located in Roca Vecchia village on the Adriatic coast of Italy, which is in the middle of Otranto and Lecce. It is a natural swimming pool and is believed to be a breathtakingly beautiful site. It is one of the few amazing places that allow people to bathe in the Apulia region. Not only is this place a gorgeous destination, it also holds historical significance. Many Bronze age artifacts and inscriptions were discovered near the Cave Of Poetry, which is why people and tourists don’t only come to enjoy the calm waters of this place but also to see the beautiful structure and history of the rocks at this cave.

Josh Hild/Pexels | The Cave of Poetry holds a lot of historical significance

Cenote Samula, Mexico

Cenote Samula is a unique and beautiful underground pool, which is located in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. There are around 3000 cenotes scattered all around the country of Mexico, and Cenote Samula happens to be among the ones that are most pleasing to the eye. A cenote is a natural sinkhole which is formed by the collapse of a limestone cave that ends up exposing the groundwater below it. There is a single opening in the Cenote Samula, and it is on the ceiling. The natural beauty of the blue waters is reflected by the sunlight that streams through the opening on the roof.

Alan Cabello/Pexels | Cenote Samula is an underground pool

Bondi Beach Iceberg Pool, Australia

The most photographed pool in the world is one located in Sydney, Australia. The Bondi Iceberg beach is a unique location. Despite the many gorgeous beaches and rock pools in Australia, the Bondi beach iceberg pool is the best, and there is nothing more iconic than it. Another great thing about this pool is that people can visit it at any time of the year as it is open all year for all ages. If staying for a whole day isn’t enough, you can book the Bondi beach house, which is located just a few steps away from the pool and is packed with the essence of the sand, water, and sun.

Josh Sorenson/Pexels | You can stay at the beach house nearby to enjoy the pool for as many days as you like.

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