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Beat the Heat – Go Swimming in The Deep

The pandemic has changed a lot. Most notedly, it has been one of the driving forces behind many people making significant changes in their lives. Some people decided to opt for a healthier lifestyle and managed to turn their lives around.

Others discovered new hobbies, and some even got in touch with their sport-loving side. The overwhelming lack of movement and inactivity that was created because of the pandemic required a good old-fashioned activity to change it, hence came about the idea of wild swimming.

Pexels | To some, it might be scary, but enthusiasts know the benefits of taking that deep dive

Back to The Start

Swimming is generally an enjoyable sport that dates back all the way to the 16th century when knights would struggle to get across bodies of water while in full armor.

This interesting sport has now made a comeback this year. With the public swimming pools being closed, travel being limited, it was only natural that people decided to head out into the wild.

Swimming With The Fishes?

People all the way from Scotland to Cornwall are ditching their pool parties and heading to the seas, lakes, and rivers now more than ever. While the water temperature is not the kindest, that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying their swimming. There is no denying that a little exercise and the outdoors have a great impact on your mind and body, so what can be better than wild swimming?

Pexels | The scenic views you get to enjoy is the cherry on top of the cake

Signing Up

The best thing about this hobby that it comes with absolutely zero drawbacks – who wouldn’t want that? Firstly, it’s a low-cost hobby, meaning you’ll only have to invest one time in the gear required for swimming, and you don’t need a list of expensive gears – minimalism is best.

Secondly, you can easily use the internet to look for great sports to swim in the United Kingdom. If you are completely new to the idea of wild swimming, then worry not because there are numerous groups run by veteran wild swimmers that will be happy to help get a hold of this new hobby.

Pexels | Imagine the soothing calm of the blue around you – the experience will leave you craving deep water regularly

Wild Swimming For The Win

The hype around wild swimming only continues to grow, and there is no stopping it. Outdoor swimmer magazine released an annual report which shows that the search for keywords like ‘wild swimming’ has gone up by a whopping 94% from 2019 to 2020.

Wild swimming is an excellent way to destress, get your daily exercise, and enjoy the beautiful scenic views that the world has to offer.

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