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Ariana Grande Just Earned a MASSIVE Paycheck for Her Manchester Pride Performance

30Ariana Grande has made it pretty clear in her song ‘7 Rings’ that she is rich beyond measure, but the pop icon is about to become £250,000 richer for headlining the coveted Manchester Pride this August.  The Thank U Next artist is earning £100,000 more than what Kylie Minogue got from her show in 2018. The price has faced a lot of controversy because of the high ticket prices that most fans can’t afford to pay. But Grande has defended the reason for accepting the gig.


She will perform in front of 9,000 excited fans in a huge outdoor concert in Manchester City.  The singer surprised people with her decision to return to Manchester especially after the 2017 tragedy when 22 people lost their lives in a suicide attack in Manchester Arena during one of her live concerts. This year, the gig aimed towards raising funds for those affected by the terror attack.

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Grande is taking a brave stand to perform in this event. Meanwhile, Big Sean and Grande may have reunited after speculations of romance. The pair had a cuddling session in Big Sean’s car. She was at the studio before he joined her and they packed on the PDA in public.


The pair dated for some months before she ended the affair in 2015 because of Big Sean’s explicit song about their relationship which Grande found hurtful and offensive. Fast forward to 2019 and they started seeing each other once again now that both of them have broken up with their respective partners. Pete Davidson is history to Grande and she found herself leaning on Big Sean’s shoulder once again.

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