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Anthony Joshua’s Incredible Road to Wembley Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

It has been a very long road to success for Boxing champ Anthony Joshua. Nigerian parents, Yeta and Robert, raised Joshua in Watford before his parents separated. He was five years old when their mum raised him and his sibling in their small house in Watford.

Joshua came back to Nigeria when he was 11 years old and started school in a boarding house, where he was mistreated and bullied by his school mates. He returned to the UK and started playing sports in school. He was promising with his achievements as a sportsman but he got into a lot of trouble that almost destroyed his dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

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He worked as a bricklayer before joining the Finchley Amateur Boxing Club to keep his bad habits at bay. His cousin Ben Ileyemi gave him the £25 for his first pair of boxing boots. With time, Joshua started making a name for himself in the boxing world with his winnings.

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He became so popular that he could turn down £50,000, the type of money he once dreamed to touch. He got into more trouble with the law and locked up for months. He came out a better Joshua and went on to win gold at the Olympics. He became a professional boxer in 2013 and has won every of his fight.

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