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Justin Bieber Gifts Superfan With $100,000 Check To Support Her Mental Health Advocacy

Justin Bieber, the pop star behind the hit song “Yummy,” just made us all feel warm and fuzzy by showing his generous side in February. Believe it or not, Biebs actually busted out some philanthropic moves by stopping over at MTV’s Times Square studios to donate $100K  to a young local superfan. Find out who this fortunate fan is, what this huge sum means to her, and more of Bieber’s charitable acts!

Who is this lucky fan?

The lucky supporter is named Julie Coker, and she is from Monmouth County, New Jersey. The superstar crooner surprised her with the gift check during the taping of MTV’s “Fresh Out Live”. In a twist of fate, the first music artist that Coker ever saw live in concert was Bieber, and she was 13 at the time.

Currently, the 22-year-old fan is working in the field of mental health, as she has struggled with mental health issues as well in the past. For her, it’s important that the topic should be open for discussion since over 50% of us have gone through or will go through mental health challenges at some point in our lives.

All for a good cause

After Coker was diagnosed with depression, she started advocating for the illness. Through the Active Minds chapter established in her college campus, Stockton University, she was able to help screen about 5,000 students for all sorts of mental illnesses such as depression and eating disorders. On top of that, she was also involved in the #HugMore campaign, which Bieber also advocated for.

Coker says that it is essential for artists like Bieber—whose own mental health struggles led him to cancel the rest of his “Purpose” world tour last July 2017—to spread awareness. As a mental health activist, the sum that the superstar has given her would be used in developing her work.  Just hours before her, others also experienced his generosity.

Bieber’s Benevolence

Bieber showed his kind heart following the release of the music video for the song’ Intentions. The single promoted the women from ‘Alexandria house and depicted the struggles of three women.

One of the three is Bahri, who is from Saudi Arabia and was the first-ever person to graduate in her family. The next one is Marcy, who works to foster the youth after growing up and having her own unfortunate experience in a foster home, and later, getting involved in an abusive relationship. And the last one is Angela, who witnessed homelessness and also sang a verse for the song.

The 25-year-old pop star helped all three of them. Bahri was gifted with a brand new car so that she can get to her classes on time, Marcy was given backpacks filled with supplies, and Angela was surprised with a private studio where she can continue to raise awareness on homelessness through a creative medium. What more can we say? Justin Bieber, you’re the man!

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