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‘Wrecking Ball’ Singer Miley Cryrus Won’t Be Using Her Voice For The Coming Weeks Because of This Serious Health Issue

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus has had to go through rough things these past few months. She’s just separated from her husband and long-time partner Liam Hemsworth and now the 26-year-old singer is on recovery mode after undergoing surgery.

Putting Things On Hold

Cyrus is reportedly already doing better after her operation

According to a report from People, the star has left the hospital after getting surgery on her vocal cords. She was initially hospitalized for tonsilitis when another issue with her vocal cords was discovered.

Apparently, the ‘Mother’s Daughter’ singer has had the condition for years but knew nothing about it. She was reportedly informed that she’d need to get surgery before the year ends and that the operation would require her to temporarily refrain from using her voice.

This mandatory time of silence is bound to last for several weeks—certainly a tough call for Cyrus due to the nature of her career. She last performed in September following her split from blogger Kaitlynn Carter.

Because of this, she’s had to put a pause on recording and performing for a while. However, a source informs People that people can expect the star to be back on her feet working again early in 2020. Meanwhile, Cyrus is still active on social media and has even shared an Instagram story showing her doing some exercises captioning it with the phrase: ‘on vocal rest, not body’.

Supportive Boyfriend

After less than a year of marriage, Cyrus and Hemsworth called it quits in August

Luckily, the singer has got her new beau Cody Simpson, an Australian singer, and model, by her side as she recuperates. Although they haven’t been together long, the two seem to be getting along well with Simpson even releasing a song, ‘Golden Thing’, supposedly inspired by Cyrus. There’s also the fact that the two lovebirds have reportedly known each other for a long time and have actually bonded over their sobriety.

Speaking in a recent interview, the 22-year-old singer said that he and the former ‘Hannah Montana’ star keep each other in a good place, and that they’re very much on the same page.

New Album Status

Cyrus has already released two singles from her album so far

Unfortunately, the singer’s sudden hiatus might cause delay to the release of her anticipated seventh studio album ‘She Is Miley Cyrus‘. Cyrus has reportedly already completed the original version of it in May of this year.

The awaited record has been described as ‘genre-less’ and is a ‘mosaic’ of the things she’s done before. It comes in three parts namely, ‘She Is Coming’, ‘She Is Here’, and ‘She Is Everything’. The first has been released in May while the other two were initially scheduled to be released in the summer and fall, respectively.

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