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Vitamin B12- The Ultimate Brain Booster! Here’s Why it is Absolutely Essential for You to Take This Vitamin

When it comes to being vigilant about your health, you must ensure that you are consuming a balanced diet, one that is providing your body with complete mineral and vitamin requirements. Call it the silver lining or the brighter side of the picture but, due to the widespread pandemic scare, looking out for health and well-being has become a very critical emerging concern. And, rightfully so.

Now more than ever, it has become cardinal that you closely monitor your diet to oust any chances of deficiency, assess your activity levels to determine your calorie requirement, and be on the guard for any disease that runs in the family. People of all ages have become prone to dietary deficiencies and morbid illnesses owing to weak immune systems and advanced viruses plaguing their surroundings.

Unsplash | Athletes with low energy levels are also recommended these supplements to improve their performance

One of the vitamins you should especially pay close attention to is vitamin B12 as it plays an essential role in your neurological health, cell reproduction, and energy production. You may know it as cobalamin because it contains the essential mineral cobalt.

Despite its importance, it’s not produced in our body naturally, which makes it even more important for you to include it in your diet. This water-soluble vitamin is abundantly found in animal-based food choices such as meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products like eggs and milk, and all their by-products like cheese, cream, and butter.

Unsplash | Protein-based diets are ideal sources of Vitamin B12

If you rely on a strict vegan diet, you may not be adequately fulfilling your body’s requirement for this vitamin, therefore it is suggested that you rely religiously on supplements for vitamin B12, unless you are habitual of having fortified breakfast cereals that boast high levels of cobalamin. The wise thing to do is to read the composition of any and every food you buy to assess whether your dietary requirements are sufficiently achieved.

Likewise, older people may have weaker metabolism and their bodies may not be fully absorbing the required amount of vitamins and minerals. Thus, they are recommended to have an intake of vitamin B12 supplements.

Failing to accomplish your body’s dietary requirements of this vitamin may lead to weakness in muscles, anemia, lower stamina, fatigue, constipation, and lack of appetite. Additionally, in extreme cases, you might experience intestinal problems, nerve damage, and poor cognitive functionalities. You may also experience difficulty balancing, depression, confusion, memory failure, and even dementia.

Unsplash | Researchers claim that vitamin B12 supplements have shown marked improvements in patients with depression and cognitive impairments

If you think that you may be Vitamin B12 deficient, contact your nearest healthcare provider or a knowledgeable pharmacist and get a multivitamin recommendation.

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