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Top 3 Podcasts Recommended For Health & Wellness

Podcasts are great sources that we can access to enhance and improve our lives through knowledge and information. Essentially, podcasts are hosted by professionals who share their practical experience and wisdom with the audience. These hosts are successful themselves and share the insights and life lessons they have learned throughout their lives.

That is why tuning into these podcasts can be a great way to redefine your life. At the same time, podcasts can also help you and motivate you to find purpose in your life.

Karolina / Pexels / If you are looking for purpose in your life or want to live a balanced life, listening to podcasts is a great option.

However, the best part is that podcasts are easily accessible. As long as you have a smartphone and a stable internet connection, you can tune into life’s wisdom. Plus, you can also listen to podcasts while doing your daily life tasks and on the go as well. Thus, there is no excuse for someone who wants to bring positive changes into his life. Everything is available at hand.

All you need is a genuine passion for bringing positive changes into your life. Whether it is to quit a bad habit or to adapt to creative activities, podcasts can help you achieve your dreams.

“On Purpose With Jay Shetty”

Jay Shetty is a world-renowned podcaster, storyteller, and former monk. From his previous experience as a monk, Jay Shetty shares inspirational and life-changing stories. He has a podcast called “On Purpose With Jay Shetty,” where he invites different influencers to talk about their success stories and turning points in life.

BBC / “On Purpose With Jay Shetty” is one of the top-recommended podcasts everyone should tune into for life insights.

In this podcast, Jay Shetty talks about all aspects of life. Whether it is achieving your goals, following your dreams, or being content with life, this podcast has everything for you. Not only will you be fascinated with Jay’s life-changing stories, but you will also be grateful for your life.

“Redefining Yoga With Lara Heiman”

There is no doubt that yoga is one of the best practices that all of us should do to maintain a conscious life. According to the yogist perspective, you can not achieve happiness (which is defined as ultimate success) without spending quality time with yourself. And yoga is the tried and trusted way to get to know yourself.

Athletic News / If you want to know what yoga is and how you can kick it off for your spiritual and physical well-being, “Redefining Yoga by LYT Yoga” is the podcast you should tune into.

In this worthwhile podcast, Lara Heiman talks about the transformational nature of yoga. Not only the host explains the actual essence of yoga, but it also offers its audience a series of practicing yoga.

Plus, the host invites experienced monks and healthcare professionals who share their insights about yoga. Thus, it is a perfect podcast for everyone.

“The Gabby Reece Show”

Another podcast that every wellness enthusiast should tune into is the show of the volleyball champion Gabrielle Reece. In her podcast, Gabby talks about her life struggles and the ladders she climbed to reach the climax of her career.

This podcast will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. It will also be handy for you in achieving the long-awaited dreams that you have been sleeping on.

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