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Tell-Tale Signs That You Might Be Dealing with Toxic Productivity

Many people relate the idea of success with productivity. The more productive you are, the more successful you’ll be. When people chase after success, they try to maximize their productivity, which is okay for most cases but anything in excess is dangerous.

So, what is toxic productivity and why is it important for people to understand it? Toxic productivity is essentially defined as an unhealthy desire to be productive at all times. One of the main reasons why everyone needs to understand this is because toxic productivity comes with dangerous impacts that can seriously affect your way of living.

Imagine a workaholic – but while workaholics mainly enjoy their jobs and work, people who exhibit toxic productivity are workaholics when it comes to everything and anything. They wish and work hard to excel in every aspect of life, despite the consequences that accompany it.

Unsplash | Toxic productivity is essentially defined as an unhealthy desire to be productive at all times.

Now that it’s clear how dangerous it can be, here are some of the signs that can indicate whether you are suffering from toxic productivity.

1. Break Is For Losers

Yes, this is exactly what such people think. Anyone who is suffering from toxic productivity views breaks as unnecessary and a burden, which is why anytime they do try to take a break, it usually ends up with them being anxious and feeling like they are wasting their time when they can be doing something productive.

2. No Time for Chit Chat

This is a similar case with people who are witnessing toxic productivity. They tend to stay out of social gatherings as they think of it as mere time waste. Usually, people take a break from work, their first move is to chat with their colleagues or call home.

Unsplash | Time spent not working is as good as time wasted to such people

3. Success Is No Longer Successful

People who are dealing with toxic productivity do not view success as an average person does.  When they accomplish or fulfill a goal, they do not observe any sort of happiness or it feels as if it is not good enough.

4. Constantly Looking for New Ways to Better Yourself

What may seem to be a positive trait, in reality, isn’t. Yes, it is good to be self-aware but people dealing with toxic productivity usually see themselves as not enough and always look for ways to improve themselves. This is dangerous for their self-esteem and places them in a never-ending cycle of wanting to be better.

Unsplash | Such people will never be satisfied with themselves

After going through these signs, they seem to be more common than one might think. It is important for everyone to take out time to reevaluate their life choices.

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