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Study Reveals Drinking Hot Coffee is Actually Good for Your Health

There’s no doubt that coffee has become an important part of our life. It became everyone’s favorite beverage to drink for kick-starting their day, or if they just want to keep themselves alert while finishing their tasks or studying for an upcoming exam.

Most coffee lovers prefer drinking their favorite beverage either as a hot coffee or as a cold brew. While both beverages are delicious to drink and delivers the caffeine, what you really need. However, a new study suggests that drinking hot coffee gives you more health benefits compared to drinking cold brews.

The Study

According to a new study published in the Scientific Reports Journal, the researchers compared the antioxidant and acidity activities between hot and cold brew coffee. They found hot coffee has higher levels of antioxidant activity compared to cold brew coffee. The antioxidants present in drinking coffee helps lower down your risk of acquiring diabetes, heart disease, and even early death.

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Study shows drinking hot coffee helps improve your wellbeing compared to drinking cold-brewed coffee.

According to the study co-author Megan Fuller, Ph.D. at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, the research shows drinking hot coffee (in moderation) is actually good for your health. Both Fuller and her co-author Niny Rao, Ph.D. emphasized on their paper that additional research must be conducted to fully understand the potential differences and effects of drinking coffee at varying temperatures and times when it comes to its health benefits.

The Benefits

Aside from the level of antioxidants present in both brewed coffees, Fuller and Rao also debunked the myth that states cold brew is less acidic than hot brewed coffee. According to the study’s results, the acidic levels found in both coffees are similar The pH levels of both coffee all fell between the 4.85-5.13 range. Based on the numbers they’ve obtained, Rao said drinking cold brew cups from Joe shouldn’t become your instant solution in treating your GI distress.

Most people believe drinking cold coffee is gentler on our stomach due to it containing less acidity.

Despite the study’s results, Frank Hu, MD, Ph.D. at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health says there are also benefits you can get from drinking cold-brewed coffee. According to them, cold coffee also has antioxidants, minerals, and other health-promoting polyphenols found in hot-brewed coffee.

Moreover, cold brew coffee is naturally tastier compared to hot-brewed. This means you’ll be less tempted to season it with cream, milk, or sugar, which can increase the fat content and calories as you drink your favorite beverage. So it’s not the end of the world for die-hard cold brew coffee fans yet!

How to Make Your Coffee Healthier?

Whether you’re a hot-brew or cold-brew coffee lover, one thing is for sure: we all love drinking coffee and we’re looking for ways to make it healthier without giving up our favorite drink. The health experts recommend you these tips to make drinking coffee healthier.

As Much as Possible, Drink Black Coffee

Drinking black coffee reaps more health benefits compared to sweetened coffees.

According to health experts, drinking black coffee in its purest and raw form not only gives your much-needed jolt to keep you awake and alert, but it’s also healthy. They emphasize loading up your coffee with milk, sugar, and cream can outweigh the health benefits you get from the coffee itself.

It’s because sugar has fructose, which is linked to chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. If you really want to use a sweetener, the experts recommend you use a natural sweetener like honey and stevia instead.

Choose Organic Coffee

Most commercialized coffees are spared with chemicals, hormone growth, and pesticides which can be harmful to your body if consumed. As much as possible, the experts recommend you buy organic coffee beans from the local farmer’s market instead. Not only are these coffee beans healthy, but you’re supporting local businesses too!

Avoid Drinking Too Much

As a coffee lover, you may be tempted to drink as many cups you can, but the health experts recommend you drink it in moderation. According to health studies, excessive caffeine alters your sensitivity and disrupts your sleeping pattern. It also has adverse side effects like anxiety, digestive issues, high blood pressure, muscle breakdown, and even addiction.

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